New Dropbox Feature Available Now on Nimble!

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It’s here! Our Dropbox integration! You can now attach Dropbox files to Contact Records and Deals!

It’s a snap — your familiar and trusted Dropbox account is now accessible from Nimble, your trusty relationship manager, CRM sidekick, and second brain! To attach files to the Contact Record, go to the record and click on the Attachment tab (the paper clip icon).

There you can sign in to Dropbox, view, and select your files from the Dropbox “chooser” window.

They’ll appear in the attachment list, along with a timestamp and your name as the person who added them.

There’s another way to add an attachment. In the Contact Record, to the right of the Edit button, is a dropdown menu. There’s a new choice: Attach From Dropbox.

You can also attach documents to a Deal. Go to your Deals Tab and click on the Attachment Tab

Click Attach From Dropbox.

Choose your files (you can select multiple files). Your files will appear in the list.

This is a feature provided with our core product, at no cost to users. As with previous Nimble integrations, the Dropbox integration highlights Nimble’s ability to keep all communication and documents related to a contact in one place for easy viewing. Because, as Dropbox says, “Your files, wherever you need them.”

This is a much-requested and anticipated addition to your Nimble workflow. We look forward to hearing from our terrific community. Please write us at [email protected] with comments, suggestions, and feedback.

Alyson Button Stone directs content at Nimble, and is a frequent contributor to the Nimble blog.