CRM for Salespeople – It’s All In the Rhythm!

Effective use of Nimble CRM, or any other tool, is rooted in your ability to establish a rhythm, a flow, that you can perform with consistency.

Practice makes permanent so, if you practice the right things, you will consistently generate the desired results.

The Salesperson’s Goal: Making More Sales

Since I have always identified as a salesperson, let’s say that your goal is to make more sales. Tools aside, you know that in order to do that you must be able to…

Stay in touch with your clients regularly. Have a good record of all of your engagements. Demonstrate that you can follow-up and follow through. Be able to refresh your memory of previous engagements. Monitor your opportunities to make sure that they are moving forward. Juggle multiple clients and opportunities simultaneously. Make sure that things don’t fall through the cracks. Exceed customer expectations.

Building Trust with Clients

The old saying that “people buy from those that they know and like” is only partially true. People buy from those who they trust. Being known and liked are bonus points. I might like you, but that does not mean that I trust you enough to refer you to my good clients. This trust must be earned.

The Power of Nimble CRM

Nimble CRM is a powerful yet extremely simple sales tool. Still, salespeople traditionally struggle with CRM because…they have not developed a rhythm in its use.

The steps have not become reflex. Scraps of paper in a manilla folder, struggling to find the right piece of paper or that message in their inbox, becomes the norm.

The Importance of Nimble Contact Records

Nimble contact records are the nerve center for any successful sales effort. Within each record you will find:

  • Complete contact information.
  • Emails associated with this contact, regardless of where they were created, are automatically synced to that record.
  • A chronological listing (including filters) of all Notes and Activities such as tasks or calendar events.
  • A history of Deals that have been associated with this contact.
  • A history of Workflows that this contact occupies or has occupied.
  • Files that have been attached to this record via upload or a cloud storage service (Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox).

Access on the Go with Nimble’s Mobile Apps

Even better, you don’t have to lug a file box along with you if you leave the office.

Nimble’s mobile app for iOS and Android gives you access to all of this info from anywhere in the world where you have internet or cell access.

Creating a Consistent Sales Rhythm

Now, back to rhythm! Here is a proven roadmap to exceeding customer expectations and increasing your sales. I’m keeping this simple. Nimble does offer even more advanced ways to accomplish these goals.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Nimble CRM

  1. Create the Contact Record Completely: There are a number of ways to do this quickly and easily from within Nimble or even from your Google or Outlook inbox.
  2. Research the Company and Your Client: Make a note in their contact record in Nimble of what you find. This information can even be updated to the contact record from outside of Nimble. Look for clues, commonalities, and interests.
  3. Review and Refresh Before Engagement: Prior to engaging with the contact, review your notes and refresh your memory. Mention what you last discussed at the start of your next engagement.
  4. Post-Engagement Follow-Up: Following engagement, make a note of what was discussed and set a task for follow-up.
  5. Rinse and Repeat: Rinse and repeat step #3 and step #4. That’s it!

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Maximizing Efficiency with Your Today Page Dashboard

Your Today Page dashboard will highlight upcoming tasks and reminders.

Notifications are also available in a variety of formats including a daily email digest and pop ups in Nimble or even in your browser. Recurring reminders to engage, two clicks, are also available. Set and forget!

Using Workflows for Lead Qualification

If appropriate, for example if this is a new lead, you can add this contact to a lead qualification workflow (one click) and track its progress from there.

If qualified, create a deal record and manage that in your sales pipeline. Done correctly … predictable revenues!

Conclusion: Practice Makes Perfect

Practice, practice, practice. Soon these steps will become reflex. Congratulations. You got rhythm!

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