Nimble’s Updated Contact Listing Feature Streamlines Contact Organization for Teams

We all spend too much time working with spreadsheets. Spreadsheets aren’t dynamic, so we still have to fill out a lot of the information manually. This is why we made some big improvements to our Contact Listing tab!

Managing your contacts across all platforms just got a lot easier with Nimble’s newly redesigned Contact Listing view. Create actionable segments in just a few clicks, easily edit contacts in-line, and share segments with anyone on your team — all directly from the Contact Listing tab. 

If you’re familiar with our recently updated Nimble Prospector browser extension and Activity Listing feature, this UI will come to you very naturally as we based this new design off of our latest product updates. 

The new Contact Listing design features the same navigation you know and love (including saved segments, tags, and the ability to add segments) with a few extra perks. 

Here are some of the main features to check out in our new Contact Listing redesign: 

Simplified Segment Search 

Quickly add filters to create highly targeted contact segments for more effective group messages and more. 

The search engine in Nimble allows you to search across many data fields to help you organize your contacts into lists. Once you’ve organized your contacts into lists, take bulk actions, send group messages, and set Stay in Touch reminders

After a saved segment has been created, it will appear on the left side of the screen. Saved Segments that have been marked as important will appear towards the top of your list.

nimbles new contact listing redesign

“Shared with Me” Segments 

You can now easily access contact segments shared with you from anyone on your team. This enables you to quickly view your team’s favorite segments for more transparent contact management.

Collapsible Sidebar 

Full-screen listing view; more fields viewable from either side of the browser. Columns are similar to what we have in our Activity Listing table. Unlimited scroll to view more contacts without load times. 

In-line editing

The new inline editing feature enables you to edit fields directly from the contact listing table. No more jumping between edit forms to update different records; all changes can be made on the same page. To edit a field, simply hover over the field and click the pencil icon.

Bulk Edit for Quick Action

Automatically mark a group of contacts as important, set “Stay In Touch” reminders, apply tags, merge, export, or delete contacts, or send them a group message in bulk. 

Configurable Table 

You can now add, remove, or organize fields based on preference or business needs. Create the order in which your field lists display by using “Table Settings”. 

nimbles new contact listing

How to Get Started

Learn more about the Contact Listing tab on our FAQ page. Our Contact Listing tab is one of many productivity features available for the Nimble Business plan. If you do not have a Nimble account yet, we invite you to try it for free for 14 days.

Stay tuned for more product announcements as we evolve Nimble into the best CRM for Office 365 and G Suite teams.