5 Social Business Tools To Make You Look Like a Superstar

It’s common to wear many hats when working for a startup. More and more frequently as a business professional you will find yourself wearing a Marketing hat one minute and a Sales hat the next. To maintain sanity you must have the right tools at your disposal. Here are five of my favorite tools that not only streamline my workflow but help me grow my network and build my personal brand.


BundlePost makes collating, hashtagging and sharing content online completely stress free. Simply add your favorite blog RSS feeds, your downloadable content, important hashtags and voila! – BundlePost does all the hard work for you. On a weekly or bi-weekly basis just select posts you would like to share, export the file, import it into HootSuite and watch magic happen. Once you have your content sharing process optimized you can use your time to focus on engaging with your contacts and truly maximize your online activities.


As all good salespeople know – you’re only as good as your network. Traackr finds the most relevant influencers online and displays current network data so you can review and engage in real-time with real-context. Traackr recently integrated with Nimble so now you can quickly identify key influencers online and then easily manage long-term engagement. Click here to learn more about this integration.

Little Bird

Little Bird is the easiest way to cut through the noise on Twitter and quickly identify topics and people that matter to you. You can create a Little Bird report on any topic where you are looking for experts, influencers and high-quality content. Read more about Little Bird here.


With Postwire you can create an elegant, multi-media email. Send article links, documents, videos, audio files, pictures. Easily create this symphony from scratch (or pick it from your library of Postwires), then press Send. The compilation piece is always available in all its glory by clicking the link. Voila! Done. The recipient can forward it, share the link any way – and your messages are disseminated everywhere. Learn more about Postwire here.


You’ve identified, engaged, and a deal is in progress. Need a clever way to stay top of mind? Say hello to your new favorite communication tool – Vsnap! Make someone’s day by sending a short, personal video message. Vsnap is a free application that you can access online or from your smartphone. Login, record, send and wow. It’s truly as simple as that.

With all the interest in personal branding, social selling, and influencer marketing, you need all the great tools you can get to save yourself time, energy, confusion, and chaos. Add Nimble to this mix, of course! Peace of mind is at hand. And you’ll look like a superstar!

Rachel Miller is Community Manager at Nimble. She writes frequently for the blog.