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What’s New? Nimble Everywhere!


Install Nimble Now for Your Favorite Worktools.

Our current motto is: Nimble Everywhere! We’re building Nimble to fit into leading applications that business people live in as they address their daily workflow. Nimble Contacts Widgets are now part of Gmail, Outlook, and Hootsuite. Check out our the Nimble Contacts Widget for your leading application(s) (By the way, if you use more than one of these, the Nimble Contacts Widget can be in ALL places for you):
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Install Nimble Now for Your Favorite Worktools.

You = More confident, organized, and productive, seamlessly.

You’ve been using old cobbled-together working methods for too long. Spreadsheets, Rolodexes, Post-Its, and other hacks get you by. But do you wanna just get by? There’s a better way.... a more Nimble way of letting our software guide your workflow. See a Perfect Workflow
Here are the features that make up The Nimble Way:
  • Stay in Touch - An automated reminder system that watches your communications and prompts you to connect at the right time.
  • Mark as Important - A star system means you won’t miss timely communications from important people.
  • Last Contacted - A sorting format keeps current workflow top of mind
  • Instant Access - Automatically archive important details on a contact, log a note, assign follow-up tasks, or add people to deals you’re working on. Just start typing.
  • Filters - Quick views that live on your sidebar and show you the composition of your network
  • Predictive Autofill - Quick searching made easier
  • Advanced Search - powerful dropdown for fast results

We identify the people who matter in your network. Nimble understands the value of your contacts and the relationships they represent.

We find the people who matter to you, and then we act as your trusted source and repository of accurate information about them. Nimble tells you things you don’t know about existing contacts and helps you deepen and nurture them naturally. Learn More
How we do it: We’ve redesigned and refreshed the Contact Record and given you improved navigability and ways to take quick actions. Every contact’s sidebar is packed with insights like:
  • Why the contact is Important to you - why we’re recommending someone
  • What networks you are connected on
  • Contact’s social footprint - what are they saying now?
  • Shared Connections in common - more to talk about.
  • Contact’s Status - so you can set reminders and level of importance to you

Nimble knows that the information you don’t have can hurt you. That’s why we explore, discover, and surface the new people who could matter to your business.

We layer actionable insights right onto your valuable contact base to help you build relationships into business opportunities. With our Teachable Rules Engine (based on algorithms developed by our stellar engineering team) we are able to find who’s important to you, who’s relevant in real time, and suggest ways to connect—and keep connected. We don’t let you overlook relevant moments to interact. Learn More
How we do it:
  • The Nimble Teachable Rules Engine learns from you (profiling with keywords, titles, etc.) to surface important people
  • Nimble Signals Tab beta (sort and segment by birthdays, job changes, new connections, tweets and retweets, mentions, comments, and likes)
  • Nimble starts by bringing you the facts (with minimal data entry), then layers on relevant insights that identify why a contact matters to you...and what you can do to make opportunities happen

Nimble on the Move.

As you can see, Nimble is executing on its promise to help companies confidently build—and productively manage!—the relationships that matter most to their business. We are focused on giving you an unfair, disruptive advantage in managing your business relationships.
More benefits:
  • Works with 100’s of popular worktools
  • Augmented and improved view of your contact
  • Refreshed design, improved navigability, and more intuitive menu bars

We believe that Nimble is the most useful and affordable social business worktool around. Try it for free.

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