How Nimble CRM Slashed Data Entry Time by 95% for DLA Ignite

About DLA Ignite

Meet DLA Ignite, where innovation meets sales strategy. With Tim Hughes leading the organization as CEO and Co-Founder, this dynamic business consulting company has been shaking up the business world for seven years. They’re all about transforming organizations by showing them the power of social media in their sales strategy – a practice commonly referred to as “social selling”. 

What sets them apart is their unique methodology, which has earned the stamp of approval from the Institute of Sales Professionals (ISP). In fact, their methodology is the driving force behind the world’s first and only Social Selling & Influence qualification, accredited by the ISP. DLA Ignite is rewriting the rules of sales strategy and professional development in our digital age, making connections and influence more accessible and effective than ever before.

Company Name: DLA Ignite

Customer Name: Tim Hughes

Title: CEO & Co-Founder

Location: London, UK

Company URL:

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The Challenge: Overcoming CRM Adoption Obstacles in Sales

In his efforts to streamline the way his organization handled customer data and managed sales, Tim decided to explore various CRM solutions. However, he encountered a common challenge that many businesses face: convincing his team to wholeheartedly adopt and effectively utilize these systems.

The team had grown accustomed to their tried-and-true method of managing processes using spreadsheets, making it challenging to persuade them to embrace a CRM as a replacement. Tim notes that inputting contact information into a spreadsheet can be a time-consuming task, sometimes taking up to twenty minutes, a less-than-ideal scenario for a sales team juggling multiple responsibilities.

Tim goes on to say, “One common misconception is that running a business with spreadsheets is easier, but that’s not the reality.”

The Solution: Streamlined Data Entry & Simplified Training

Tim’s game-changing solution came in the form of Nimble, particularly through Nimble Prospector. Nimble Prospector simplified the CRM adoption process for his sales team, allowing them to seamlessly integrate it into their workflow. This browser extension enabled them to create new contact records in seconds simply by highlighting a name on platforms like LinkedIn and all across the web.

This transformation had a profound impact on Tim’s company, saving them valuable time that was previously lost to manual data entry. In contrast to the tedious 20-minute process they used to endure with spreadsheets, Nimble streamlined the sales team’s CRM contact setup to just one minute. Spreadsheets proved to be time-consuming and inefficient to manage and update, while Nimble offered a time-efficient solution.

For Tim, as a sales leader, getting your team on board with the idea of a CRM revolves heavily around your own commitment to the system. Tim says, “It’s all about governance of the CRM, and that is a job for the person who runs the sales department” In other words, accountability across the whole team, even leadership, is key.

To make the overall process of converting to a CRM after living through spreadsheets for years simpler, Tim has made it his mission to offer in-house resources to help his sales team adapt. Every Monday, Tim holds a training session, which revolves around teaching his team how to use Nimble to its fullest potential

Why Using a CRM is Crucial for Business Consultants

A CRM system is an absolute necessity for a business consultant. According to Tim, it’s not merely an option, but “a fundamental application” that forms the backbone of effective business operations. Beyond just tracking deals, a CRM provides a comprehensive platform that outlines each deal’s specifics – from its value to its expected closure date. This level of detail enables consultants to make accurate projections, giving them a clear understanding of where their business is headed.

Furthermore, a CRM isn’t just useful for the initial stages of the sales process. It’s an invaluable tool for tracking resources that play a pivotal role in closing deals. In the consulting industry, where relationships and effective communication are pivotal, a CRM ensures that the right people are engaged at the right time. Ultimately, a CRM helps business consultants excel in their primary domain – the people business – by providing a structured platform for managing, tracking, and forecasting their interactions and deals.

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