Inside Recruitment Central’s 85% Open Rate Strategy for Candidate Messaging

About Recruitment Central

Recruitment Central, now celebrating its 20th year, wasn’t born from a grand plan but by happenstance. Sandra Karamitelios, armed with seven years of recruitment experience, embarked on this journey at the suggestion of a friend. What started as a fortuitous idea grew into a bustling recruitment agency, specializing in the business operations support market, spanning diverse fields from management to marketing, sales, support, accounting, and administration.

Recruitment Central’s success can be attributed to their tailored approach to recruitment. Three distinct tiers shape their offerings: temporary placements, catering to contractors for week-to-week assignments; permanent recruitment, focusing on long-term client placements; and contractor placements, facilitating six to twelve-month contracts. This comprehensive approach ensures a broad spectrum of options for clients and candidates alike.

Company Name: Recruitment Central

Name: Sandra Karamitelios

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Location: Brisbane, Australia

Title: Director

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The Challenge: The Quest for Personalization and Targeted Outreach

In the realm of recruitment, managing vast amounts of data is a necessity. However, data entry can often be a tedious and time-consuming task, susceptible to human error. Sandra recalls the challenges posed by legacy systems and the complexities of manual data entry. As the agency grew, the limitations of their existing systems became apparent. The need for an efficient and user-friendly CRM solution became paramount to streamline data management and improve overall operations. 

Manual data entry was a challenge for Recruitment Central, as was personalized outreach. In an era of personalized experiences, Sandra notes that generic communication falls short of making a lasting impression. Recruitment Central recognizes the significance of tailoring interactions to each client’s needs and preferences. However, achieving this level of personalization at scale can be a daunting task. Sandra speaks to the challenge of efficiently segmenting and reaching out to different client groups with relevant and engaging content.

The recruitment industry is fiercely competitive, with agencies vying for the attention of both clients and candidates. To stay ahead, maintaining consistent communication is crucial. Sandra acknowledges the fine balance between building lasting relationships and not overwhelming clients with constant communication. Striving for a consistent yet unobtrusive presence remains a challenge Recruitment Central actively addresses.

“What I appreciate the most are the notes and the follow-up dates. Utilizing workflows, I am able to maintain a structured contact program, ensuring consistent engagement. Moreover, I find it particularly beneficial for overseeing my placements, as I monitor essential milestones such as the start date, the first month, the sixth month, and the annual mark.”

Cracking the Code of Engaging Candidates
through Group Messages

One of Sandra’s primary goals was staying connected and engaging with both clients and candidates. Sandra’s journey began with the realization that a well-crafted newsletter could be a game-changer. The allure of group messaging, coupled with Nimble’s tracking capabilities, offered the promise of insightful metrics. The ability to gauge the newsletter’s impact, from open rates to clicked links, provided tangible data for understanding recipient behavior. Using the Group Messages tracking system, Sandra was able to note feedback and metrics to optimize her newsletter, which resulted in an 85% open rate

“I was able to see the people that had opened the message and then the people that literally just deleted it, and with tracking these metrics and noting feedback, our engagement has increased because of that. We now have a 100% deliverability rate and an 85% open rate.” 

Recruitment Central’s trick to this impressive open rate is personalized messaging. Sandra notes that creating personalized messages that include contact segments and merge tags for group messages. Sandra uses custom fields and segments for work anniversaries, birthdays, and monthly check-ups, so she is always connected to candidates.

This image shows an example of a group message.


This allows Sandra to know exactly who and when to reach out to, and with the help of metrics tracking, how to effectively message candidates. She notes that adding important information to the contact card makes it easier to send out group messages. She discusses that adding tags, adding their birthday, and work anniversaries to the card allows her to easily send a message to the targeted list. 

“I use tags for segmentation. We have various segments like the newsletter, industry, and product preferences so I can easily filter and target specific groups. The tag system helps manage and streamline our communication.”


This image shows a tagged contact list

Why Nimble is a Great Fit for Recruiters

In a realm where building and nurturing relationships form the cornerstone of success, emerges as a dynamic catalyst. Recruitment Central experiences illuminate how seamless integration of personalized communication ensures that each interaction is tailored to the recipient’s preferences. This level of customization not only nurtures stronger bonds but also contributes to increased engagement and long-term loyalty. Sandra’s journey attests that isn’t confined to a single recruitment model; its diverse features empower recruiters across niches to orchestrate connections that matter.

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