How Louise Higgins Tutoring Doubled Her Student Database with Nimble

About Louise Higgins Tutoring

Louise is a results-obsessed SAT/ACT tutor with 15 years of math teaching experience, both in the classroom and online. She was a high school math teacher in New York City for 5 years as a Math for America fellow and now tutors for the SAT/ACT full-time. Louise is currently located in the St. Louis area but works with students from all over the world. 

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The Problem: Lack of Standardized Processes 

In the early days of her tutoring venture, Louise relied on Excel to manage her contacts, juggle schedules, and track student progress. While it may have sufficed initially, as her student base expanded, Excel quickly revealed its limitations. Contact history became a convoluted mess, making it difficult for Louise to retrieve crucial information when she needed it most.

As Louise focused on guiding her students toward academic excellence, she found it increasingly challenging to keep up with follow-up processes using Excel. Remembering which students needed additional support, which ones required exam prep, and when to schedule progress assessments proved to be a daunting task. This led to lapses in communication and missed opportunities to support her students fully. She knew she “needed to be more systematic about follow-up processes”. 

“I kept track of all of my clients in Excel, and following up was messy. It was hit or miss.”

The Solution: Workflows & Centralized Data

Nimble’s comprehensive CRM solution proved to be a game-changer for Louise, transforming her tutoring business into a well-oiled machine. Nimble’s powerful features empowered her to streamline various processes, ensuring no student was left behind and enabling her to focus on what mattered most – providing exceptional academic support.


Louise relies on Nimble’s Workflows feature to keep her organized. Nimble enables her to design distinct workflows that correspond to different stages of her students’ academic journey. For example, she can create separate workflows for new students, ongoing students, and students nearing important milestones like SAT exams.

By customizing workflows for each student, Louise can ensure that they receive personalized attention and assistance. For instance, if a student needs additional help in a particular math topic, Nimble’s tailored workflow can prompt her to schedule extra tutoring sessions or share relevant study materials. This level of individualization enhances the learning experience and improves the student’s overall progress.

By having her students move through her customized Workflows for her tutoring sessions, once the student has taken their SAT and reached the end of the Workflow, that signals to Louise to check in with the student to determine if they need more tutoring, want to transition from SAT prep to academic tutoring, or if they are happy with her services and are ready to move on. 

Centralized Data

Nimble’s centralized database gave Louise an easily accessible and up-to-date record of all her past and current students. No longer did she have to sift through numerous spreadsheets or different files to find relevant information. With just a few clicks, she could pull up comprehensive profiles of her former students, along with details of the tutoring sessions they had attended, their academic progress, and any specific challenges they faced.

With Nimble’s integrated scheduling and reminder features, Louise could set up periodic check-ins with past students’ families. These check-ins served multiple purposes, such as gauging the progress of the former student, offering additional support, and inquiring about the tutoring requirements of younger siblings. By staying engaged with her tutoring community, Louise showcased her dedication to their academic success and proved herself to be a caring and reliable educator.


Gone were the days of scattered spreadsheets and manual tracking. With Nimble’s centralized data management and tailored workflows, Emily experienced newfound efficiency in her tutoring operations. With Workflows that provided a structure and clear instructions for the next steps, Louise bid farewell to the chaos of missed follow-ups and disorganized communication. She says that “after Nimble, nobody falls through the cracks anymore.”

Nimble played a crucial role in the expansion of Louise’s tutoring business. By providing structured and personalized SAT preparation, she not only improved her students’ test scores but also nurtured lasting connections with their families. As a result, many SAT-focused students transitioned to long-term academic tutoring clients, seeking to benefit from her expertise and guidance in various subjects.

With a clear roadmap for each student’s academic journey, Louise always knew the next steps to take and could provide tailored support according to individual needs. Nimble’s comprehensive view of student progress allowed her to make well-informed decisions, ensuring optimal learning outcomes for each student.

“Nimble helps me keep track of my students and where they are in their journey.”

Why Louise Recommends Nimble for Tutors

The remarkable outcomes she achieved by integrating Nimble into her daily operations make a compelling case for other tutors to follow suit. Here are some compelling reasons why other educators should adopt Nimble as their CRM solution of choice:

Tutors juggle various tasks, from scheduling sessions and tracking progress to communicating with students and their families. Nimble’s powerful features streamline these processes, automating repetitive tasks and reminders. This newfound efficiency allows tutors to focus more on teaching and providing personalized support, ultimately leading to improved academic outcomes for their students.

Nimble’s centralized data management empowers tutors to maintain comprehensive records of each student’s progress, preferences, and challenges. This invaluable information facilitates personalized support and targeted interventions, leading to higher engagement and satisfaction among students and their families. The platform’s automated follow-ups ensure that no student falls through the cracks, fostering a strong sense of care and dedication to each learner’s success.

For tutors like Louise who cater to SAT preparation, Nimble’s tools make it effortless to convert SAT-focused students into ongoing academic tutoring clients. With personalized messaging and streamlined communication, tutors can solidify their connections with students and their families, establishing long-term relationships that benefit both parties.


Nimble CRM has proven to be a game-changer for Louise and her tutoring business. Its ability to streamline workflows, improve student engagement, and nurture lasting relationships with clients showcases the immense potential it holds for tutors everywhere. By adopting Nimble, educators can transform their tutoring processes, elevate their reputations, and make a lasting impact on their students’ academic journeys.

For tutors seeking to optimize their teaching practices, enhance student outcomes, and establish themselves as trusted professionals in the industry, Nimble stands out as the ultimate choice. With Nimble as a reliable ally, tutors can confidently embark on a path of success, shaping young minds and leaving a profound and positive influence on their students’ lives.

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