Nimble Helps Little Bird See Contacts in Rich Detail Across Teams

Who is Little Bird?

Little Bird, which has since been acquired by Sprinklr, helps marketers, content strategists, and PR people discover key influencers faster and better than ever before. The startup’s proprietary technology finds and ranks influencers by analyzing connections among people — and helping their customers do magical things with the data.

The Challenge:

To find a CRM system that would give a fuller view of contacts across Marketing, Sales, and Support, allowing team members to work without silos.

The Wishlist

“We were looking for several things when we set about to find the right CRM tool,” says Marshall Kirkpatrick, CEO and founder of Little Bird. “We wanted social profile integration baked in so we could really understand our contacts. We wanted to know what they were doing in the bigger community so we could put them in context and build relationships. Nimble was the only vendor with that capability.”

“We also wanted an easy way to make sure that everybody on our team was aware of the history of interactions with our customers and contacts. That way, we automate social networking activities and are able to enrich the relationship confidently.”

The third thing on the wishlist was that the tool was easy to use, not clumsy or overwhelming.

“We’ve found that big platforms with lots of bells and whistles tend to get lower adoption. We didn’t want a complicated or intimidating tool with a high learning curve.”

The Nimble Decision

Little Bird looked at all the products out there and chose Nimble for “hitting the sweet spot.” Nimble integrates with social networking profiles (and with HubSpot, their inbound lead source). Everyone on the team can see the entire history of interactions and finds the tool easy and comfortable to use.

“In most CRM implementations, there’s a need for a dedicated CRM Manager whose job is to make sure that everyone is using the tool to its fullest — because data, of course, needs stewardship and attention. Nimble will make that person’s job easier.”

“We were able to use Nimble and HubSpot data to do an analysis of our customers, and built up some narratives to see what an effective relationship looked like. It worked like a persona generator; we got amazing intelligence. We couldn’t have done that without Nimble.”

An “Automagic” Contact Database

Little Bird uses Google Apps for Business, so Nimble’s integration with Gmail and Google Calendar was also important. Marshall started the contact database with all his contacts. With a “sigh of relief,” he imported his contacts to Nimble, and the fledgling sales team is now able to move rapidly and productively.

“We have a philosophy like a lot of startups today — Marketing, Sales, and Support are all working in tandem, not with artificial divisions among them. We’re all focused on Customer Support. Having a tool like Nimble lets all of us participate in building out the 360-degree view so we can handle whatever arises with the most up-to-date information — and in real-time.”

The Solution:

An efficient, scalable team approach to Marketing, Sales, and Support for a fast-growing startup.

“As we hire people in dedicated roles, we encourage them to focus their work in Nimble. No more need to cc team members on emails — all communications are recorded and easily accessible in Nimble. No leaning over to ask someone if they handled a support issue — Nimble has it right there. “

“Everybody talks about the fact that we cut way down on data entry. When the team adds contacts, everyone can see the record — no data entry needed — no barrier. Across the board, we’re very happy with Nimble.”