How Traackr and Nimble Use Influencer Marketing to Work Together

We’re pleased to announce an integration between Traackr and Nimble, which we think anyone contemplating or currently engaging in Influencer Marketing will find interesting.

Traackr and Nimble subscribers will be able to manage all aspects of an influencer program in a seamless manner, navigating and sharing information between both platforms.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is the relatively new activity of finding and building relationships with key individuals who have influence over potential buyers. Once you discover them,  attracting, connecting and sharing between the brand and influencer builds the relationship. From this relationship stems potentially outsized rewards, such as increased attention, awareness, 3rd party validation, high-quality leads, and signed deals.

Influencer Marketing turns on 5 common activities:

  • Identifying influencers across various dimensions the brand cares about (e.g. product, keyword, vertical, etc).
  • Ranking them in order of importance, organizing outreach.
  • Marketing to influencers, building awareness of the brand.
  • Marketing via influencers, whereby influencers increase market awareness of the brand (especially with their own audiences).
  • Sales influenced by influencers, influencers become advocates of the brand.

This represents a model of closed-loop influencer marketing. And, as Marketing moves beyond a generally ad-driven mindset to a more personal, humane (if not human) approach, influence marketing has an increasingly relevant part to play.

What is Traackr?

Traackr is a leading influencer marketing platform. The beauty of Traackr is that it surfaces the people who can have a disproportionate and measurable impact on your brand — helping you effectively identify and rank influencers for virtually any keyword.

Benefits of Using Traackr and Nimble Together

Up until now, companies that have invested in influencer marketing have faced the challenge of reconciling siloed solutions to manage their marketing programs with discovery, research, engagement and management happening in different places, making it difficult to truly nurture relationships.

Using Traackr and Nimble together provide users the ability to perform influencer discovery and tracking, relationship building and nurturing, as well as activating and measuring results.

  • View an Influencer in Nimble – In one click, users can add an influencer from a Traackr project to Nimble and bring over complete online profile information for each person.

  • Centrally Manage Influencer Outreach Efforts – Once inside Nimble, users can see all of their email and social communications with an influencer, access a complete conversation history, then effectively message, schedule activities and nurture through an engagement lifecycle.
  • Coordinate Influencer Engagement Across Teams and Projects – Via Nimble, users can collaborate with team members working on multiple influencer projects to make sure relationships are managed consistently. Everyone on a team can access past interactions and notes about a person.
  • Record Key Insights about Influencers – Users can make notes about how to maintain a relationship with an influential person while accessing insights about them in Traackr. For example, they can note key pieces of content to reference or look at an influencer’s social network while in their Traackr projects and access that information when they engage via Nimble.

Nimble continues to work with great partners like Traackr to build out our hearty Apps Marketplace and augment the benefits of relationships for social selling success.