Why eMarketing360 Decided To Resell Nimble

eMarketing360 exchanged its homegrown lead tracking system for LinkedIn-generated leads for Nimble CRM to alleviate time-consuming research and data entry.  

Because their customers faced the same time consuming challenges, eMarketing360 decided to package Nimble as an integral part of their prospecting service.

About eMarketing360

eMarketing360 Managed Services helps B2B companies grow their businesses via expert LinkedIn lead generation. LinkedBot, the company’s proprietary technology, automates LinkedIn lead generation by generating targeted leads, sending custom invitations and direct messages, and handling email follow up. The company offers both “Do It Yourself” and “Done For You” service models.

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The Challenge

eMarketing360 was using LinkedIn, LinkedBot, and a homegrown lead generation tracking system utilizing Google sheets internally for lead generation and relationship management.  

Because eMarketing360 used the same tracking system internally as their clients, they faced the same challenges of labor-intensive manual data entry of lead interaction and conversations into spreadsheets, and time wasted searching for contact information stored in multiple locations.

The inefficiencies and lack of functionality prompted eMarketing360 to look for a CRM system that would add value to their service and their own tracking system, giving them the ability to manage, nurture and convert leads as well as easily access data.

The company considered several small business CRM systems, but Nimble stood out for its simplicity, sales intelligence, sales enablement functionalities and social integration. Remarkably, Nimble provided the ability to access other social platforms from within LinkedIn in order to quickly access profile information and insights for smarter prospecting.

The Solution

The eMarketing360 team was so impressed with Nimble’s sales intelligence, social business insights, and ease of use that they soon began reselling Nimble to existing and prospective clients.

“Nimble was appealing to us because it has a richer, user friendly interface and provides a lot more functionality than traditional CRMs,” explains Jeffrey Smith, CEO. “Nimble adds value to our lead generation services by providing our team, as well as our clients with intelligence and enablement tools for cultivating 1:1 relationships with prospective customers.”

With Nimble, eMarketing360 provides their clients with a complete end-to-end process, where eMarketing360 handles lead generation using LinkedBot and delivers lists of enriched prospects within Nimble, where clients can manage lead nurturing, relationship development, and pipeline management.

The Nimble Experience

The combined offering has not only given eMarketing360 the ability to attract and acquire new customers, but it has helped to modernize their own infrastructure, dramatically improving their operations and opportunities to grow the practice.

“Nimble has added significant value to our service by providing our customers with a platform and methodology to manage and convert leads into clients, creating a richer experience for them while generating a greater return on their investment,” notes Jeffrey.

Now customers can see all of the social and company profile information that Nimble appends to leads, so they can walk in the digital footprint of a prospect prior to contacting them in order to better understand who they are and to identify ways to establish rapport quickly.  The biggest challenge customers and eMarketing360 faced, following up and keeping records of those conversations, is no longer a problem. With Nimble, all contact records and conversations are stored in one location for easy access, significantly increasing the productivity of their sales people.a

eMarketing360 has also realized numerous business benefits as a Nimbler reseller – greater conversion rates, increased customer loyalty, and new business growth. Virtually all of the company’s customers who do not have an existing CRM system purchase Nimble for data enrichment, relationship management and outreach. Helping to modernize those companies by bringing them into the cloud opens the door to other services eMarketing360 can provide.

“Nimble is one of the greatest investments that we made toward increasing productivity, improving customer retention and servicing our customers,” states Jeffrey. “Nimble is helping us to attract and engage with prospects to sell not only Nimble but our other services, providing us with a significant revenue stream that we expect will only continue to grow.”

Future Plans

As part of its business strategy, eMarketing360 plans to build a Nimble practice within the organization around implementation and Nimble-related services. The company will be targeting enterprises with sales teams and multiple seats and intends to sell Nimble to every one of them.

“When we demonstrate to companies what we can do, and how it can impact the company, we incorporate Nimble into the conversation. With a visually appealing front-end interface, Nimble is much more powerful in selling the potential of what we can do. We have aggressive goals to increase our customer base, and Nimble will be an integral part of that,” concludes Jeffrey.