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Boost Lead Generation on the Go with Nimble Mobile Forms

Nimble’s latest innovation, Mobile Web Forms, empowers you to effortlessly craft personalized forms for mobile devices, simplifying lead capture and engagement, minus the coding hassles.

With Mobile Web Forms, you can:

1. Instantly handle inquiries, customer feedback, and orders, facilitating timely responses and decision-making on the go.

2.  Quickly engage with customers or clients, improving service quality and potentially increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty by enabling mobile notifications.

3. Simplify the process of data collection and management, saving time and reducing the need for manual input when back at a desk.

4. Access important lead information on the go, ensuring no critical data is overlooked or delayed.

 What Are Web Forms?

A web form is like a digital questionnaire or form that you can fill out on a website. It’s a way for people to enter information or make selections online, which then gets sent to the person or company who runs the website. Think of it like filling out a paper form, but instead, you do it on your computer or phone, clicking buttons, typing in boxes, or choosing from drop-down menus.

Web Forms are preferred data capture solutions that collect important contact information from customers, prospects, and partners in a seamless manner. They contain various fields for leads to input details like names, email addresses, and phone numbers.

Web Forms Mobile Lead Generation

Mobile Webforms: A Simple Way to Engage Customers and Collect Data Effectively

For small businesses and teams alike, the ability to access web form reports and quickly share web forms from a mobile device is a crucial aspect of their customer engagement strategy. It offers them real-time insights into lead interactions, allowing them to monitor submission patterns and analyze data promptly. You can now use this feature to make faster engagements and adapt your lead strategies swiftly.

Web Forms mobile is focused on the paramount importance of timeliness. Mobile access to web form reports not only allows teams to promptly review and prioritize leads but also enables them to receive immediate notifications when a lead has filled out a form. This dual advantage ensures that they can respond swiftly to customer inquiries, giving them a decisive edge in customer engagement. This rapid response time, combined with timely notifications, can significantly impact lead retention and the conversion of potential customers into loyal, satisfied patrons.

Real World Case: A Glimpse into Nimble’s Mobile WebForms in Action

For example, In the world of real estate lead management, where timing is paramount, mobile access to web form reports provides a dual advantage. It not only enables teams to promptly review and prioritize leads but also ensures they receive immediate notifications when a potential buyer fills out a form. This rapid response time gives real estate agents a decisive edge in customer engagement—imagine agents receiving instant notifications while on the go, ready to respond swiftly to customer inquiries and inquiries from potential buyers.

This strategic combination of rapid response time and timely notifications significantly impacts lead retention and enhances the conversion of potential customers into loyal, satisfied patrons. For real estate agents navigating the competitive landscape, the Power of Mobile Web Forms emerges as a key tool for staying ahead, ensuring agents can adapt to market shifts and maintain a proactive approach to lead generation in the ever-evolving world of real estate.

 How to Leverage Nimble Mobile Web Forms & Mobile Notifications

Unlocking the potential of Nimble’s Mobile Web Forms begins with a simple tap on a notification, leading you to a world of seamless data collection and engagement. Once there, an intuitive interface empowers you to craft tailored stories for your business, whether through quick surveys, lead capture forms, or customer feedback inquiries—all conveniently managed from your mobile device. The real magic lies in the seamless integration with your Nimble CRM, ensuring that every piece of information collected becomes a valuable asset at your fingertips. 

Nimble’s Mobile Web Forms redefine efficiency and empowerment, allowing you to tell your business story, capture leads, and engage on the go. So, the next time a Nimble notification appears, answer the call to mobile empowerment through WebForms—your business narrative is waiting to be written, effortlessly, one form at a time.

To Access Nimble Web Forms from your Mobile Device:

  1. Enable mobile notifications.
  2. Once someone has responded to your form click the “open” button next to your banner notification.
  3. This will take you to the response form.

If you have automatic contact creation settings in place, you’re ready to engage. If you don’t have automatic contact creation, begin to create your contact record by clicking “create contact”.

Mobile Web Forms Notifications

 How to Learn More About Web Forms

If you have any questions about web forms, review our comprehensive support article. You can also reach out to us directly at [email protected]. Additionally, you can join one of our Nimble Onboarding and Best Practices sessions, held every weekday at 9 AM PT.

 What’s Next for Nimble?

Stay tuned for upcoming Nimble updates like messaging sequencing and saving email drafts for better targeting and marketing campaigns!

Read about our latest updates by checking out our Product Updates Blog.