10 Emails You Should Send to All Your Current Customers Right Now


Customer retention in 2020 isn’t easy.

Between the scores of other options floating around the market and the infamously short attention span of the average shopper, locking down loyal customers takes a strategically-focused approach – and there’s one strategy that works better than others.

While a lot has changed in the business world over the last few years, one constant remains true: email marketing works. Whether you’re reaching out to a new customer that just made their first purchase, or sending along with information to a loyal one that’s been with you for years, email continues to be the one marketing strategy that’s proven to retain customers.

But what are you going to send them? Email fatigue is a very real problem in the world today, so the value of email marketing relies entirely on what’s found in a given email. Take a look at the ten different email types you should be sending your customers below:


The key to attracting loyal customers is to stay on their radar, and there’s no better way of doing so than by consistently sending newsletters to customers that sign up. A newsletter is easy to set up, and it’s what customers want – 90% of customers say they prefer to be contacted through email, compared to any other form of communication.

Granted, newsletters won’t help you attract new customers, but that’s not the idea. Newsletters have the ability to turn everyday, average customers into fiercely loyal followers that make repeat purchases, spread your brand to other customers, and generally support your business.

Plus, with newsletter readers typically spending 80% more time on your website, it’s safe to say it’s a good investment.

Abandoned Cart Reminder

Sometimes, the biggest difference between a new customer and a lost opportunity is nothing more than a poor memory. With cart abandonment rates as high as 70% – and businesses collectively missing out on $18 billion per year due to the trend – figuring out a way to cut down on abandoned carts is a surefire way to put some money in your pocket.

Something as simple as an abandoned cart reminder email can do just that. In many cases, a customer either put an item in the shopping cart as a reminder for later or simply got distracted by something more important than online shopping. Either way, a simple reminder email could make all the difference.

cart abandonment email

Granted, there are those among the 70% of cart abandoners that never intended on buying anything, so don’t go crazy trying to achieve a 100% success rate.

Feedback Request

While negative feedback is never easy to hear, it remains an invaluable tool for improving your business. Whether it be through a negative review online or a customer support complaint that’s oddly specific, feedback is one of the best (and cheapest) ways of gleaning insight about your business.

Rather than wait for a customer support complaint to come in though, something as easy as a feedback request email could help you get some actionable feedback that isn’t laden with swear words. Plus, with 52% of customers insisting that companies need to take action on feedback, you’ll want to get ahead of the curve before your customers do.

Welcome Email

It may seem obvious, but welcoming new customers to your online community via email is a great way to start off on the right foot. After all, it’s not easy to check the box after a purchase that says “subscribe to receive updates,” so make sure they know you are genuinely interested in providing them with valuable content, deals, and information.

Welcome emails are also an incredibly lucrative tool in facilitating repeat purchases. In fact, welcome emails are 320% more likely to result in a repeat purchase than standard promotional emails, so don’t waste this valuable opportunity.

Anniversary Email

In the same way a welcome email will make a new customer feel… well, welcomed, an anniversary email is a great way to make loyal customers feel appreciated. Considering 68% of customers decide to leave a business due to perceived indifference towards them, the last thing you want to do is skimp on the appreciation.

Additionally, an anniversary is a perfect excuse to offer a small, but meaningful coupon to show your appreciation. And with 64% of customers saying that a discount is the best way to show appreciation, this move is kind of a no-brainer.

Holiday Celebration

Welcomes and anniversaries are always a great excuse to celebrate, but there’s no better time than a holiday to bust out the goofy party hat graphics and email all your current customers with a little deal. After all, everyone is in celebratory mode during the holidays, and who doesn’t love a gift from their favorite brand?

The best reason to take advantage of holiday celebration emails is that they provide a unique opportunity to avoid email fatigue. With nearly 300 billion emails sent every day around the world, no one could possibly accuse your business of “overdoing it” when a birthday rolls around.

Birthday Celebration

If you’re going to send out an email to all your current customers during the holidays, you better make an effort to do the same on their birthday. A little coupon code could go a long way in making sure your customers know you care, particularly on their special day.

birthday email

Additionally, birthday boys and girls are most likely in the buying mood. We’ve all had that “something for myself” mentality during that celebratory period, and a little boost from one of their favorite brands could result in their first repeat purchase.

New Product Announcement

If you have a pool of loyal customers consistently following your shop for new products, that’s great. However, that is far from the norm in the business world. This is why having an email dedicated to announcing new products as soon as they hit the market is a great way to foster a loyal customer base that is up-to-date on your company.

After all, loyal customers are 60% to 70% more likely to purchase from you than a new customer, which makes pitching your new products through your email marketing all the more logical.

Confirmation Email

Peace of mind goes a long way when it comes to making online purchases, and there’s nothing more unsettling than those passing moments in between clicking the “Buy” button and waiting for your purchase to arrive. Fortunately, there is a way to assuage those concerns across the board.

A confirmation email for any purchase flawlessly assures the customer that you’ve received their order, and are working on getting it to them as soon as possible. Additionally, it makes customer support issues much easier down the road, as the customer will have a clear, detailed account of their transaction.

Sale Reminder

Taking advantage of sales is a time-honored tradition, particularly with the rising popularity of online shopping. From Cyber Monday to Amazon’s Prime Day, eCommerce companies see massive revenue spikes when offering a sale. Fortunately, you can add to that boom by reminding your newsletter subscribers about sales in real-time.

With 75% of customers admitting to scouring email inboxes in search of discounts, there’s obviously a market for attracting repeat customers through a sale. Plus, what’s the point of having a sale if you aren’t going to tell all your loyal customers about it?