Social Media and the Modern Day Entrepreneur

Social media is increasingly a primary concern for businesses that wish to remain relevant online. It used to be an avenue for personal use, but the potential for business applications has only increased over the past few years. It goes without saying that social media is where any and all target audiences are at, so it makes sense that businesses would want to put themselves in that place. However, to this day, a lot of entrepreneurs still aren’t recognizing the important role that social media platforms have in their businesses, and if they do see it, the task may seem too daunting for them to want to try it.

If you are an entrepreneur, and you are struggling with the thought of getting started, take a look at this infographic from the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s online MBA program. It goes into detail on why some entrepreneurs aren’t using social media, which platforms they are most likely to use, and how you can get into it without it becoming overwhelmed.


Entrepreneurs and social media
University of Alabama at Birmingham Online