Why Small Business Owners Love Using Nimble

Small Business - Nimble

When starting a business, there are many considerations that you need to factor into your business plan. Chief among these considerations is how you are going to deal with customers, and maintain relationships with them. 

Having a CRM alongside you from the start is a great way to effectively start your business. Why is this? CRMs are all about efficiency and saving time, both of which are vital when beginning a start-up.

Nimble provides a top-of-the-line CRM that can save you and your business time and money. Take a look below at what some of our fantastic customers have to say about their experience using Nimble to help start their business.

Get More Organized and Streamline Collaborations

One constant threat to a start-up is time-wasters, the biggest time-waster of them all is being disorganized. How many times have you thought of reaching out to someone, only to waste twenty minutes trying to find their contact information? With Nimble, all of your business contacts are located in one, easily accessible place. 

Justin Biance, CEO of J. Biance Financial, once stated,

“I have never had a software meet my needs as well as this one. I can’t imagine how much it will pay off after a few months of communicating with my clients and partners more regularly. I am a very organized guy, but this software is helping me take it to the next level.”

Find missing contact information with one click

Avoid spending countless hours searching for your prospects’ and customers’ contact information with Nimble’s Enrichment Feature. All we need is their first name, last name, and company name or domain URL. By clicking “Search for Contact Info,” Nimble will search for missing contact details:

  • Email address
  • Job title(s)
  • Social profiles
  • Phone numbers
  • Company address
  • Location
  • Additional URLs

Nimble runs several checks for email verification on the back-end and will present a Confidence Score on the email we find. The score estimates the probability that the email address returned is correct, between 0 and 100. Anything over 75% is likely to be delivered.

Eamon Moore, Founder and Executive Chairman of Hikari, has to say about using Nimble:

Nimble’s makes it far easier to access enhanced, auto-enriched views of every customer and contact; as well as take next steps such as schedule meetings, assign follow-up tasks and send messages — all within the same Contact Profile view. 

Now that you have all the important details on every prospect and customer let’s look at how it looks on an individual’s contact record.

Once you select a contact record, you will see all the basic information about the person on the left side, like their name, picture, title, short bio, and the company. Then on the right is the entire history of interactions you’ve had with that person, including all notes, emails, Twitter messages, deals, and any activities. All of this information can help you personalize your outreach with your customers and prospects.

Jonathan Gaby, Digital Marketing Strategist, shares how Nimble has helped him organize his contacts:

Nimble helps me keep track of my network, information about my target companies, tasks I need to complete, and people I should keep in touch with.

Increase Productivity as You Grow

Using a CRM for your small business can also help increase your productivity. This can be both on a personal level and a company level. 

Nimble can help your business choose what is the right thing to be working on, and when. Being able to take advantage of the analytics that a CRM provides your company is extremely beneficial, no matter the company size. 

As your small business grows, you will find that there is an increasing amount of data and information that you have to manage. It can become overwhelming which is why a CRM can help you filter out all the data and find the contacts you’re looking for.

Brad Friedman, a digital marketing strategist and President of the Friedman Group, LLC, has had pleasant experiences when working with Nimble.

As the Friedman Group has grown, we have had the need to manage more and more data about our clients. Nimble allows us to do that while enabling us to stay in touch with our clients, and provide outstanding customer service.” 

Ross Keating, Founder of Nextree Business Growth Consultancy, believes that Nimble is the CRM that can grow with your business.

“After looking at Nimble 5.0, I really believe businesses of all sizes no longer have any excuse not to use a CRM. Its enhanced customer profile, granular activity tracking, and integrations with nearly 200 digital applications enable micro and small businesses to create a true ‘single source of customer truth.”

Jim Duffy, Founder of The Litigation Connection, agrees!

“I would highly recommend Nimble to any small and medium-sized business and certainly if it’s an enterprise business, there are ways to incorporate Nimble as well.” 

How to Get Started

If you do not have a Nimble account yet, we invite you to try it for free for 14 days.

Stay tuned for more product announcements as we evolve Nimble into the best CRM for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace teams.