No Phone Support. No Problem!

This is an important message from the Care Ninjas at Nimble:

Every now and again, we get the famous question “Why No Phone Support?”  And don’t get us wrong, we completely understand where this question comes from.  Customers want a verbal conversation to ensure the person on the other end is truly listening and willing to engage with them on a personal and conversational level. But what if we told you that the most effective, beneficial and affordable way for us to communicate with our customers is through email support.

Allow us to explain!

Email support enables our team to tend to all of our customers in the timeliest manner. Each Care Ninja is able to connect with more than 100 customers a day versus 10 over the phone.  This leaves us with more satisfied customers and we love satisfied customers!

Nevertheless, let’s go through the steps of how a call to any company works.

The receptionist answers.  Based on your issue, they direct you to Support, Billing, Sales, etc. and you experience the “joy” of listening to soft sentimental piano music as you wait.

Finally someone picks up and you explain the issue AGAIN.  The support person has to search for your account information.  More wait time.  They will then try to reproduce the issue based on the information you’ve verbally provided.  This could take a lot of guess work and more waiting time.

Eventually the support person determines that they are unable to reproduce the issue and that it would be best if you provided a screenshot or a video of the problem via email.


Courtesy of Flickr user GotCredit, CC BY 2.0

 With email support, you combine all of these steps into one.  You describe the issue at hand and we take it from there.  We’re able to pull up your account information and get a visual immediately.  This allows us to easily troubleshoot and eliminates any back and forth verbal narration.

You get to carry on with your day while we diagnose the problem.  Once the issue is fixed, we simply inform you.  

If you have a sales question, we are able to provide more tools and resources via email. This includes helpful links, videos, and screenshots to get you started.  Aside from email support, we also offer Facebook and Twitter support, Monday – Friday Q&A sessions and Webinars with the man himself, Jon Ferrara.

Another reason, we favor email support over phone support is the cost.

Nimble allows you to smartly manage your relationships, emails, contacts, calendars etc. on one platform and at a reasonable price. Compare Nimble to other CRMs that do offer phone support and the cost is always much higher.

Email support allows us to keep prices low.  It gives us the time and resources to work on other areas of our application.  It puts our mind at ease knowing that our product is easily understood and effortless to navigate.  To be totally honest, we prefer to spend the resources on perfecting our product for our valuable users!

In addition, we’ve found that less than 5% of our users request phone support, and in order for us to offer it, we’d need to raise the price for everyone.  Don’t get us wrong, we still strive to please that 5% and we do, as our team places all of  their knowledge and energy into every response.

Courtesy of Flickr user Solarbotics


Us Nimble Care Ninjas take pride in providing awesome customer support as it is our #1 priority.  Our users know that they can always reach us via Twitter, Facebook or simply by submitting a support ticket directly from our website.  They know that we will reach out to them in less than 24 hours of a business day. Depending on the time of day, we may even reply within half an hour.

This type of engagement with our customers leads to memorable experiences and this is all done via the world wide web!

So even though we do not offer phone support, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll always have your back! 🙂