How to Write a Newsletter That Turns Clicks into Conversions


Email marketing is a very valuable tool that is often underappreciated by companies. It’s a unique opportunity to connect directly with your customer base and to be in near constant contact with people who have already expressed an interest, either through a past purchase or through voluntarily giving their email out of a genuine desire to receive marketing information and stay in touch.

Despite how useful email marketing can be, it still needs to be used correctly. Each of your newsletters needs to have real attention to the ins and outs of proper email marketing etiquette and technique.

Without further delay, let’s look at eight ways to make your newsletters more interesting.

1. Email Frequently

One of the big hesitations that email marketers have over their content is how often it should be distributed. One the one hand, there’s a fear of not taking advantage of the opportunity enough. On the other hand, brands don’t want to annoy or hassle customers.

Don’t dilute your own pool by emailing every five minutes, but you ought to be in touch often. If you only make contact with a big newsletter once in a blue moon, they might just miss it or not be in the mood on that day meaning that you won’t engage them at all. 

2. Be Consistent

Consistency can be a good solution to the questions surrounding volume.

“Stick to some sort of schedule — once a week, every other Friday, etc. This is an excellent way to subtly build a sense of reliability and consistency in the mind of the audience,” says Harvey Patel, email professional at Boomessays and Oxessays.

Your content is far more likely to engage and interest them if they know to expect it and get in the rhythmic habit of reading it.

3. Segmentation is Your Friend

Segmenting your email list is an excellent way to optimize the content of your emails. Micro-segmentation, whilst time-consuming, is even more effective because email marketing recipients are used to receiving blanket emails and will be shocked to be addressed individually and offered products and deals tailored directly to them.

For example, Nimble’s Contact Search and Segmentation makes it simple to identify people and companies to reach out to by enabling searches on the social data we enrich Nimble contacts with.

After you create a smart segment, take action by sending a targeted group message.  One of the first actions we’ve added for Smart Segmentation is sending targeted Group Messages to your contacts. By building targeted sets of contacts, you can personalize emails to be more effective in your outreach.

4. Write Your Letter Well

This is one which ought to go without saying, but the sad reality is that it very much needs to be emphasized. Even top-tier companies will sometimes distribute email content that isn’t well written. It’s crucial that all the aspects to a well-written email, grammar, spelling, formatting, and punctuation are dealt with. If you need help with this, or even just with proofreading for intercepting those little problems and mistakes then sites like Studydemic, Academized, ViaWriting, Assignment Services, and UKServicesReviews can all help.

5. Don’t Rely on Text Only

Replace lengthy text with graphics! Optimized graphics, photos, gifs, or data tables can really draw the eye and engage readers without them even realizing it.

“Images can have a profound effect on readers and can be used in a whole host of ways. Not least of all, images can be used to display data in interesting and palatable ways, which can be useful when you don’t want to bore your audience,” advises Marcus Jameson, marketer at Big Assignments and Revieweal. Just make sure to properly size your images to not slow down the load times on your site.

6. Swap Out Your Newsletter for a Video

If email recipients are used to having to read the weekly newsletter, try producing a video for a change. Videos are much easier to retain than text for many people on your recipient list since they can be absorbed passively and are inherently more engaging. If you produce a good video, it will also demonstrate how invested you are in your outreach.

how to write a newsletter

7. Ditch the Bots

So much can be achieved through automation these days. You can have a bot assigned to handle all of your customer service needs. You certainly can automate emails, generated based on recent developments in your company.

But it won’t help you all that much since connecting on a personal level, displaying a human touch which implies a real sense of care for the recipient is going to be an invaluable asset for you as you put together your email content. Focus your efforts on portraying a real human voice rather than an ultra-optimized marketing bot that is churning out emails to maximize sales.

8. Have Some Fun!

Marketing newsletters can be so, so dull. Entertain your audience with some jokes, or a light-hearted take on the company-client relationship. If it seems a little bit cheeky then it may be just the thing your company needs to connect to your email recipient base.

People hate feeling marketed to; it can be deeply alienating to feel as if you aren’t able to relate at all to the company or the people behind the company who you are trying to connect with. Do your best to entertain and it will really help you to increase your recipients’ willingness to engage with your sales content.


Overall, you want to try and emphasize a lack of contrivance and a comfortable blend of professionalism and fun. Emailing is a really valuable tool in sales of all types and it can be used to great effect not just in generating one-off sales, but in ensuring that previous customers will be back for more.

It goes without saying at this point, but email marketing is underestimated when it really is a powerful tool. Hopefully, this list will have given you a good range of ideas to get you started on the journey towards nailing your newsletter!