Introducing Deal Privacy Features to Manage Your Pipeline More Efficiently and Effectively

Our all new Deal Privacy feature allows Nimble Business users to  control the timing and information shared in your deals pipeline.  Here are a few use-cases to use deal privacy settings to help improve your team productivity and support your sales culture:

Enforce your sales culture and privacy

Some organizations prefer to keep individuals’ deals private.  Your account administrator can set up Nimble so each rep only sees deals that they create and own, while your administrator or sales manager is assigned privileges to monitor the deals each rep owns.  You can also keep details about specific transactions private.

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Improve Forecast Accuracy

Electing to keep deals private  enables the  sales manager to modify deal probabilities before reporting sales projections to upper management. In an ideal world, all sales reps log probabilities consistently across all their deals, but in reality, subjectivity may creep in.

An overly optimistic sales rep might see a deal in the “Contracts” stage as 90% probability of closing, while the seasoned sales manager may have reasons to believe the deal is 50% likely to close at this stage.

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Giving sales managers the right to edit deals affords the opportunity to build consistency and experience into the pipeline prior to reporting sales projections to upper management.

Keep Individual Projects Private

Process-oriented teams  understand that pipelines are well suited for managing a wide range of tasks and projects.  Oftentimes, marketing projects  don’t need to be visible to everyone in the organization, or you may want to separate sales and renewals pipelines when the processes are managed separately.

Get started today!

If you are on our Nimble Business plan, you have the ability to configure privacy for deals. Have your account administrator go to your account settings to configure privacy rights for each of your reps.

Read more on our FAQ or if you have any questions, please contact [email protected] and we’ll be happy to teach you more!