How To Corral Your Contacts From The Get Go – Pt. 1

Nimble is an innovative CRM system that allows you to import all of your contacts from social networks such as Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Gmail, etc., as well as vCards and CSV files. We’ve even developed an app that enables you to add contacts to your account from anywhere on the web – The Nimble Smart App!

With all of these contacts on one platform, many users began to wonder, “What Now? My leads are all in one place, but who’s important? Who should I reach out to? Which business proprietors are in Los Angeles and which are in Honolulu?”

As a Care Ninja, one of my most asked questions is: How do I keep my contacts organized? As you and your team start to add more and more contacts to Nimble, you’ll began to ponder this very same enquiry.

Today I will share with you a few ways to get you and your team’s contacts organized right from the get go.


The simplest and most effective way to keep your contacts from running amok is through tags! Tags help organize your contacts into different groups so you can easily identify which are business owners and which are in your spouse’s a capella group. After they are created, tags are listed in alphabetical order and can be found in your Contacts tab.


Apply Tags Upon Import

Did you know that every importer in your Settings >> Network & Imports has the option to add tags? This option is available so you can add a tag upon import!

Adding a tag upon import is a sure-fire way to keep your contacts tidy and in one organized group. This is ideal, especially for team accounts! Let’s say a user on the account has more than 5K followers on Twitter and wants to import them all into Nimble. If the user neglects to add tags, they may then find themselves manually searching through each contact. This is a painful and tedious process, and since contacts are shared among the team, every colleague would also have to suffer through the relentless list of Twitter friends and followers.

Apply a tag and you’ll only need to locate it in the Contacts tab.

Apply Tag In CSV file

Tags can be added just as easily to your CSV file! Simply create tag columns and label them as Tag 1, Tag 2, etc. in your CSV file.

Back in Nimble, use the Generic Importer in Settings >> Networks & Imports to upload the CSV file.

Be sure to download our CSV template here as all files must be formatted to Nimble standard: Nimble_Default_Template_original.csv

Apply Tags From Contacts tab and Contact Record

Now you may be asking, “What happens if my contacts are already in Nimble? Can I still add a tag?” Of course you can! In fact, you can add multiple tags to any group of contacts your heart desires. The process is effortless.

Simply go to your Contacts tab and select the group.Click the tag icon, name your tag then click “Add.”



You can also tag a single contact or company by going to their contact record, clicking “Edit Tag,” entering a tag name and then selecting “Add.”



Marked Important

Using tags is just one way to keep contacts organized in Nimble. For contacts you consider important above all overs, I’d recommend labeling them as so.

“Marked Important” contacts are individual to each team member. This means, your list of important contacts will differ from your colleagues.

There are two simple ways to mark your contacts and companies as important.

Utilize the Star Icon

In your Contacts tab, next to every contact’s name, there is a star icon. Click it and the star will turn gold. Contacts marked with a gold star will appear in your “Marked Important” filter to the left.


Stay In touch

You can also group your contacts with the “Stay In Touch” feature. Once you’ve decided that a contact is relevant and have chosen a time interval for how often you’d like to keep in touch, those contacts will then appear in the “Stay In Touch” filter to the left in your Contacts Tab.

Contacts in the “Stay In Touch” filter will appear in red if there’s no communication within the allotted time frame and will automatically update when you’ve reached out via email.

Using tags, “Marked Important” and the “Stay In Touch” features to help organize your contacts will save you and your team a world of trouble in the long run. It’ll also help you communicate more effectively with your contacts and stay current with important leads.

Stay Tuned For Part 2