How To Be Nimble at Building Your Personal Brand & Influencer Marketing

Nimble’s CEO Jon Ferrara recently posted a video on Facebook where he shared how he builds relationships with writers, editors, bloggers and influencers by sharing their content.

He’s used the same approach to build his personal and company brands and enjoys sharing it with others.

He’s been doing this by identifying the people who write content that might educate and inspire people in the areas around the promise of our product and services and by sharing their content on daily basis. In our case, these areas include sales, social selling, social media, networking, technology, etc. 

To find out Jon’s secrets watch the video below.

In the video, Jon mentions that all his friends fly on airplanes so when he came across a post that talked about which airlines have the comfiest seats, he decided to share it with others.

Most of the content he usually shares is centered around sales, marketing, and social media. Once in a while, however, he shares posts like this one because he knows that many of our friends and customers are frequent travelers and might find this article helpful.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 5.08.24 PM

Before sharing the post, Jon likes to learn a little more about the writers and include their social media handles. “I use the Nimble browser plug-in to highlight the writer’s identity. Nimble then automagically builds a record for the person with a lot of great detail”, says Jon.

The browser extension gives him the ability to add any person to his Nimble database and learn a little more about who he or she is, what their company is about and what the status of their connection is. Jon can even follow them on Twitter straight from the plug-in without having to leave the page he is working on.

Kristin Wong - Twitter

In this case, the extension allowed Jon to easily grab Kristin’s Twitter handle with which he was able to personalize the social media post. At Nimble, we use Buffer to help us with content scheduling.

Jon likes to share content on his own identities as well as the company identities. He believes that a brand is built by empowering your team members to build their own brands so he encourages all of us to work on our personal brands and to share inspirational content as well.

Sharing Kristin's Content


It’s polite to attribute the author by including their handles. It also gives the people seeing the post the option to easily follow the author for more great content. Another advantage of always including attributions is that after some time, the author might engage back. Starting a conversation is a great opportunity to build relationships with writers such as Kristin.

Jon has built Nimble to help him and others to take these digital connections and turn them into one-on-one relationships. In order to develop such relationships, we need to remember exactly who Kristin is, what she does, when we had our last conversation, and what the conversation was about.

Nimble builds itself from the contacts we interact with and synchronizes our calendars, social interactions and maintains this wonderful database for us so we can focus on having real conversations instead of typing information into a database or a spreadsheet.

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