How eCommerce Startups Can Use Social to Get Their First Leads

Social media harnesses the power of word-of-mouth advertising to get the message about your product to interested parties. By starting a social media campaign, you can improve your company’s visibility and get your first leads to sell your product or service. Unlike traditional advertising, social media allows individuals to comment on and share your product with others. This makes your social media profile act like an active virtual salesman that goes to work for your around the clock. Social media gathers family and friends in a fun and entertaining way, and that translates to improved lead generation and the ability to reach your customers when they are relaxed and receptive to your message.

Create an Entertaining Message

When you create your social media campaign, consider what your audience wants. Social media campaigns can result in good lead generation if you make your message entertaining. Blatant advertisements are generally ignored by most social media users. Make an attempt to create an engaging and interesting campaign that provides real value to your potential customers. Provide a free give-away for liking your page, or offer a discount to customers that find your product through your social media profile. Reply to customer comments on your profile, and give them a reason to come back and engage with you. Remember, it’s not just about the product, you need to interact with and engage your customers to keep your company at the forefront of their mind.

Instill a Sense of Authority

Instilling a sense of authority isn’t about laying down the law. When you position yourself as an expert, people begin to trust your company and are more likely to take a chance on your new products or services. Demonstrate your value by linking to blog posts and information about your company. When you’re trying to establish your company, it’s important to instill trust and gain the respect of your customers. This can be accomplished by letting a few customers try your product for free in the hopes that they share their experiences with others. Additionally, writing about your product or service provides a good way to bring people into your profile through search engines. Think of every post you make as a potential lead generator. Make your content evergreen so that it stays relevant for years.

Use Analytics Tools

Many social media campaigns provide tools to track your success with a particular campaign. Create an advertising campaign that is focused and directly targets your intended audience. Be specific about what type of customer you want to pull in and create ads specifically for particular locations, demographics and interests. If you specifically target an ad to a customer living in Arizona, customers are more likely to take notice since the ad specifically refers to where they live. The process of creating multiple ads for a single product can take more time, but once the ads are set up and live, they act as a constant source of lead generation for your company.

Most companies like Urban Outsource get up to 70 percent of their leads through social media campaigns. It’s time to start using social media to boost awareness for your company and get the leads needed to start your business. With social media, you’re never just talking to a single person. Each person that likes your page introduces all of their friends and family to your page as well. Social media provides one of the most effective methods of getting your product or service to new customers.