Co-Founder Gilles Marchand on Nimble’s Top 3

In the past few days, I went to a networking event in Santa Monica, got about 15 new business cards (yes, we still use those), got introduced to 3 entrepreneurs via email and connected on Linkedin and Twitter with 4 new connections.

I constantly meet new people because it’s a good way to find new opportunities. Opportunities to learn from them, opportunities to do business with them, opportunities to help them. To turn these new relationships into deep meaningful ones, I will have to regularly nurture them. True relationships are built over time.

However, with more than a few thousand contacts, it is impossible for me to nurture them all. According to the Dunbar’s law, any one individual can only maintain around 150 stable social relationships. As a busy business professional, it is important that I focus my time on the most important relationships in my network. The ones that will help me achieve my goals. This is why we created the Nimble Top 3. To help surface those important relationships and stay engaged with them. And we kept it really simple. Let me explain…

Every day, we review all the contacts you have inside your Nimble and surface three that we feel are important to you. We pick them based on a variety of criteria such as their role, their industry, the last time you contacted them, their areas of influence.

Simply confirm our pick and choose how frequently you want to stay engaged with them. Click the alarm icon and decide if you want to stay in touch on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

Once that’s done, Nimble will remind you if you have not contacted your important contacts in a while; Nimble will notify you when it is their birthday or if they change jobs; Nimble will prompt you to retweet them and much more.

Finally, If you disagree with one of our suggestions, Nimble offers the ability to finetune our Rules Engine by feeding it with criteria that matter to you. What are the job titles, industries, keywords that your important contacts have in common? For example, if your important relationships are typically CEOs in the online marketing space, you could enter the keywords CEO and online marketing. And don’t worry, Nimble will give you some suggestions to get you started.

Time for you to go check out your top 3 and start building your list of important contacts!

If you have any questions regarding the Today’s Top 3, please email us at [email protected].