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Contact management the Nimble way begins with a single view of the past, present, and future of your interactions with your contacts.

Goodbye contact management hello contact insight.

Why does Nimble put such an emphasis on this single view? We believe that contact management is not really about contacts... It's about relationships. Nimble’s contact management style is to bring them to life—from a 2D name in a data field to a richly-detailed 3D person.

When information about contacts is scattered all over the place, collecting and managing it is time-consuming and bothersome. Who wants to be constantly bouncing back and forth on sites and browsers to find information? This kind of “'Contact fragmentation” is completely unproductive.

What you want is to know your contacts. Knowing them better and communicating with them in a genuine way builds trust. To that end, it helps to know how you’ve interacted over time, know when you last talked to them, when you’re next meeting them. It helps to be able to see what they’re talking about on their social networks, too, so you can pick the right times to step in and offer relevant, meaningful information or advice.

The heart of Nimble’s Contact Management Software is the Contact Record, where every contact is seen in rich detail. The Contact Record is where the magic happens.

What’s special about the Nimble Contact Record? With Nimble, contact management goes way beyond the basics of a typical “address book” entry..

Sure, Nimble software easily imports all of the basic contact information from Outlook, Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Skype, Google+, phone, email, and more. But then Nimble goes above and beyond. The Nimble Contact Management solution goes to another level, augmenting each Contact Record with richly detailed information across social channels. You gain insights about the people in your network—to drive deeper social media relationships and more profitable campaigns.If you and your team aren't using Nimble then you're simply not as, well, nimble.


The Nimble Contact Record helps you focus on what matters:
Insights. Organization. Engagement.

  • Nimble tracks the complete history you and your contact share—on every channel..
  • Take actions, send messages from within Nimble or without: use Gmail, Outlook, or Hootsuite widgets to take Nimble everywhere your workflow takes you.
  • Nimble keeps you organized and on track. Set Stay in Touch Reminders and use the Mark as Important star system to keep important communications front and center.. With Nimble as your wingman, nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Nimble automatically fills out the contact record from just a name and email. It’s like magic—Less data entry for you
  • Nimble analyzes shared interests (topics, keywords) to tell you why any contact is of interest and relevant to you.
  • With Nimble, categorize or segment groups with Tags and Saved Searches
  • Filter and segment by Last Contacted or Recently Contacted from the sidebar.
  • Nimble's contact management system is built to empower social media engagement. Monitoring your contact’s entire social stream means you know more, and can act faster..
  • Nimble helps you build strong relationships by showing you the connections you share in common with each contact.


Our inbox is geared to your workflow.

Inbox 1

Our Messages Inbox matches the way people work now.

You’ll never miss an email, a comment, an invitation to connect, or a timely Tweet—Nimble includes social communications, too. When anyone in your community is talking to or about you, their messages are captured in an airtight monitoring system, a unified inbox designed so you see every communication.
  • Sort by channel or get the big picture and view all channels together.
  • Access the power of Nimble directly from your Gmail or Outlook inbox, too. The Nimble Contacts Widgets make Nimble useful everywhere.
  • Every message shows you a sidebar about the sender and whether or not they are relevant to your business. If they’re not already in your Nimble system, just import them right then and there. Nimble creates the record for you.
  • Schedule tasks and events. Reply to messages. No more missed opportunities.
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Nimble is a relationship platform powered by context. We are laser-focused on helping you surface information that matters to your business.

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Nimble gives you actionable insights—to surface the data that matters to you and is key to authentic engagement and richer relationships.

Our product roadmap is focused on presenting you with relevant information you can use to make your business relationships a driving force in your success.

Nimble’s insights cut through the clutter, providing the most relevant contact insight when and where you can make the most of it. We tell you who you should be in touch with, why they’re important, and when to reach out. We want you to have intelligence that directs you confidently —not just to ANY door, but the RIGHT door. We present you with the opportunities in your network that are most important—the topics and areas of interest that mesh with yours. In short, we surface the best signals from all the distracting noise—and we make dealing with them a seamless part of your day.

Our Rules Engine Learns From You.

At the heart of Nimble’s commitment to insights is our teachable Rules Engine. You tell us what matters to you, and the Nimble Rules Engine kicks into high gear. Our algorithm is designed to learn from your behavior, so what you see gets more and more useful over time. Your actions and input inform the Rules Engine and guide the intelligence that Nimble surfaces for you. Then we monitor and adjust. Each time this “virtuous cycle” happens, the Rules Engine learns more about your needs. This is the power of Nimble—an ongoing concentration on valuable insights, a higher-quality network, and more targeted engagement opportunities.

The Rules Engine spearheads an entirely new Nimble experience—telling you things about your network that you didn’t know—without having to speak two programming languages! We’re taking your network of contacts and giving you back more than you gave us. And we’ll do this automatically—every time you open Nimble.

With the Rules Engine hard at work, Nimble shows you who to engage with, why connecting is important, and where to reach out to connect. Did someone take an action that involved you? Do you have a task or meeting coming up? Have you been out of touch? Are there opportunities out there that you might have missed? If someone started following you on Twitter, are they potentially important to you?

No guesswork! Nimble actually knows what’s important to you—because it’s a smart relationship tool that adjusts itself based on your own behavior and your assessment of the results Nimble surfaces.

Even More Features Providing Insights You Can Act On.

Insights 3

Today Page and Today’s Top 3.

The Today Page is the place where you can immediately act on the intelligence Nimble surfaces to you each day.

Here you see your ToDo List, Engagement Opportunities (personalized to your network), Deals in your pipeline, and Milestones (birthdays and job changes) among your contacts. Your Nimble automatically looks at spheres of influence and surfaces the right signals. No wasted time sorting through raw data—your networks report to you.

Every time you sign in, we present you with three of your Contacts who have a job title or match a keyword that you’ve told us is important to you. You can then tell Nimble whether the contact is important, set a date reminder to engage, or indicate that the contact is not important at this time. Want to tell Nimble about more contacts—no problem, we’ll show you all the contacts you want to label.

Insights 4

“Last Contacted” Feature: The Intelligent Archive of Your Interactions.

The search function in Nimble is now capable of finding relevant, exact matches on any group (similar to Google) or any Tag, as well as an automatic sort of the last time you or a team member has engaged with someone in your network.

You can easily see who you’re losing touch with or have not been in contact with in a given time period. Nimble automatically keeps track of all communications, making it an intelligent archive of all interactions. You’re always well informed, because we keep track of how, when, and why you engage.

Insights 5

Never Miss a Thing with Nimble’s “Signals” Tab.

The new Signals Tab (beta) presents notifications across social networks and automates contact reminders that are important and meaningful for you to act upon immediately—and an augmented search tool with last contacted status is built in. By combining Twitter and Facebook Pages signals directed to you—such as invites, likes, shares, connection requests, and mentions— Nimble makes relationship building using social media easier.

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Your day: Laid out for you.

All Activities, Tasks, and Events on One Screen.

Access and view all of your Tasks, Events and Calendars just by clicking on the Activities tab. Nimble will sync your calendar with Google Calendar and any 3rd party calendaring system that connects to it. Once set up, what you enter automatically appears in Nimble and vice versa each time you sign in.

Using the Activities Tab:

  • Assign a task to yourself or anyone on your team—easily
  • You pick the view—List or Calendar style
  • Set up dates for follow-ups and reminders.
  • See who assigned the task, or keep track by viewing team member calendars and “to do” lists.

Nimble conspires with you to be efficient, and makes efficiency a habit. If you and your team aren't using Nimble then you're simply not as, well, nimble.

Activity 1
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Monitoring what your contacts say on social channels is every bit as important as reading their emails. Do you know who to reach out to today? And what to say when you do? With Nimble, the answer is yes and yes. So get connecting—smarter.


In business as in life, success goes to the socially savvy.

Nimble gathers together, in one screen, all your contacts’ conversations from Email, Twitter, and Facebook Pages. Now you can listen and respond in real time -- and interactions become part of the contact record so you have context. You’ll build deeper relationships when you see a well-rounded view of your contact’s social universe.

Search the whole range of social streams right from Nimble to find business-relevant people, companies, and topics.

With all of the latest social conversations on one screen, you can easily monitor and search for keywords and terms to find what matters to your business. Save your searches and Nimble will surface the right information automatically.

Pull new contacts into Nimble without breaking stride.

Once you or your team have identified relevant contacts, you can just click to import them into Nimble, and begin to explore their universe and interact with them anywhere.

Nimble’s beta Signals Tab lets you filter what’s most important to you by social network.

You never lose track of who’s talking to or about you, mentioning you, following you, engaging with you, or celebrating a milestone like a birthday or job change. With Signals, Nimble pulls what’s most important out of the noise.

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Nimble Sales and Marketing Features:
The Shortest Distance From Relationships to Results.

The world is quickly recognizing the power (and necessity) of social selling. Social sales requires great worktools, and Nimble is built to leverage social media so you can meet marketing and sales goals—and is a great source of new lead generation. Your personal Nimble adjusts to your habits, your tools, and your prospects.

Third-party integration

Expand and Customize Nimble with the Worktools You Use.

Using Nimble’s third-party integrations you can easily import leads, create Deals and analyze the impact of your efforts from lead generation to deal completion.

Additionally, you can build Nimble into your workflow. This enables greater flexibility in pulling customer data from your accountancy system, emailing in bulk through various email tools, working cradle-to-grave from Marketing through Sales with your Marketing Automation System, greater tracking of influencers, high-power proposal and online signature tools and also integrations into other CRM’s. Nimble supports hundreds of apps, all found HERE.

Custom Fields For Any Lead, Prospect, or Customer.

Capture important sales and contact information using Nimble’s custom fields. Run advanced searches on that information to identify key sales prospects and build your business deal pipeline.

Sales 2

Track and Report On Your Deals.

Nimble’s sales automation tools will enable your company to accurately track all business opportunities so you can close more deals in less time. Connect team members to Deals and sales Tasks, track your leads and sales pipeline, and accurately forecast revenue.

Goodbye Cold Calls.

Social selling is a whole new ballgame. With Nimble’s smart insight gathering on prospects and contacts, you are able to understand prospects and interact at the point of need, spot trigger events, and offer assistance. Nimble presents you with your shared connections, interests, history, and more. You can easily spot “warm” opportunities and enter the conversation gracefully. Nurture relationships over time for long-term value.


Touch base to build relationships.

Nimble knows that relationships are an arc, along which a sale might have its moment. But when prospects aren’t ready to buy, you can set Reminders to stay in touch regularly, stay top of mind, and avoid unwelcome interruptive behavior.

Understand your prospect so you can be present and prepared when it matters.

Nimble’s social monitoring tools insure that you don’t miss opportunities. Keep abreast of prospects’ interests, questions, concerns, and trigger signals with Nimble’s Signals Tab Signals surfaces these so you won’t miss important opportunities to engage. When they are ready to make a change, you will know—and be there with a helping hand, advice, and solutions.

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