Nimble Today Page Feature Updates

Today we have a few user-friendly updates to talk about.

Each day when you log into Nimble and go to your Today Page, you’ll see Today’s Top 3 — three contacts we think might be important to you. Clicking “Yes” to whether a contact is important helps us rate each contact, but so does selecting  “No.” By selecting “No,” Nimble then gives you a way to easily refine results and train your Nimble Rules Engine to look for what interests you. Just type in keywords, phrases, locations, job titles — even hashtags — adding a comma between each suggestion. Nimble will use these new criteria to locate important contacts for you.

In your Settings, you can also train Nimble’s Rules Engine as you think of words and terms. Click on Today’s Top 3 in the left siderail, and educate your Nimble engine to work harder for you behind the scenes.

Here are some examples of words and terms you can add to the Rules Engine to hone the results Nimble surfaces:

  • Keywords and phrases: “social CRM,” “social business”
  • Job titles: “Customer Service Representative,” “CEO,” “Product Manager”
  • Locations: Portland, Atlanta, Australia, Brussels
  • Hashtags: #custserv, #scrm
  • Competitors: IBM, Microsoft, Verizon
  • Events: SXSW, Sales 2.0

Because you’ve given your feedback on the Today Page and made suggestions on the Nimble Support Site, we’ve also enabled a more seamless view of your Contacts via a popup. Just hover over a name and you’ll see the relevant information that gives you background info. Without moving into the Contact record, Nimble gives you context so you can take the necessary engagement actions right from the Today page.

More To Come

This week we’re working on a Social Tab (along with Stats, Info, Messages, Activities, and Deals) to these Contact record “hovers”. We are also working on a popup to allow users to import new contacts directly from the Today page into Nimble.