Data Analyst Tools New Asset: CRM For Pros of Data Analytics

CRM for data analysts is not a much-discussed subject. Traditionally in many cases, such professionals work for companies and use the systems of company choice. But with the remote work model gaining on popularity and offshore teams becoming a thing, there is a growing demand for data analytics experts to use some sort of working day management tool to keep things organized.

In fact, Upwork alone has over 2000 freelancers who have “data analytic” in their profile. This is why data analysis professionals turn their heads to Customer relationship management systems more and more. In the era of distractions and multiple projects – as a freelancer or as part of an offshore team – they need a tool to pull it all together.

Upwork data analytic search results

Interestingly, according to the US Bureau of Labour stats, these 3 categories got on the list of fastest-growing occupations: statisticians, operations research analysts and data scientists, and mathematical science occupation

  • The former is believed to exhibit a growth of 34.6% in 10 years by 2029 with the median wage of $91K in 2019. Currently, there are about 43K statisticians in the USA.
  • There are approximately 105K of operations research analysts who get on $84.4K as a mean figure. There will be 24.8% more of this league in 2029, the research believes.
  • At the same time, data scientists and mathematical science occupation professionals are believed to grow by 30.1% and currently enjoy the wage of $94.2K.

With this projection in mind, it’s clear that the skill is fairly niche, well paid, and demanded, to say the least.

Moreover, unlike many other professions, that get archaic by the minute, this one is getting hotter by the minute, it looks.

Before we proceed to exemplify why it is that masters of Business Intelligence tools and excel sheets need a good old CRM to ensure their day is seamless and working routine is smooth, lets quickly go through the industry-specific data analysis software.

Computer Software For Data Analysis: Overview

Truth be told, this paragraph is going to be only touching the surface, as this software is so different from the CRM and its purposes.

Data analysis software for research is designed to accomplish the mission of data analysis and has nothing to do with managing processes and optimization of the working routine as CRMs do. This is why we will only mention the few major systems in passage here for overview purposes.

Apart from data analysis software there also exists business intelligence software, big data tools, and qualitative data analysis systems as subcategories.

Key Features Of Data Analysis Software

Many of such systems will have data source connectors, query builders, and data visualization functionalities. Otherwise, most of them will have these modules:

  • Data discovery
  • Natural language search
  • Predictive analytics
  • Reporting / Analytics
  • Self Service Data preparation
  • Self-service analytics
  • Storytelling
  • Dashboard

Popular Data Analysis Software Solutions

  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • FineReport
  • Qlik Sense
  • ThoughtSpot
  • SAS
  • Sisense
  • Cognos Analytics
  • SAP analytics
  • Oracle
  • Apache Spark

Once again, the purpose of this piece is to shed some light on the tools that will help business analysts to save a load of time, plan their days, grow their freelance client base, as opposed to analyzing per se. Without further ado, let’s illustrate just how fast and efficient your client database can be managed to guarantee growth and the highest client satisfaction.

CRM: A New Up-and-Coming Data Analyst Tool

Why bother with getting yourself a CRM if you have a calendar and an email already? There are Trello and Asana for your project work too, we can imagine.

True, the technology is there for pretty much every action you may need to perform during a working day.

But there are just too many tools to take care of. Things accumulate: the space on your mobile, the monthly bills in your wallet.

If you are looking for a tool to help you better cope with your working routine as a data analyst, you may consider giving a Customer relationship management a try.

Nimble CRM: Key Features To Helps You Optimize Your Day

 All CRMs started as a contact database management system and evolved as they had to compete for clients.

At this point Nimble CRM showcases these modules:

  • Contact management
  • Profile enrichment
  • Social Media Integrations
  • Pipeline management
  • Deal management
  • Task management
  • Calendar
  • Scheduling tool & Reminders
  • Email marketing
  • Reporting & Analysis

Yep, the CRMs have gone beyond contact management. Quite a bit further in fact.

Indeed, the competition is tough in this realm, so you as a user, get to reap all of the profits. 

Let’s check out the main benefits of using a Customer relationship management software for your work as a business analyst:

  1. SaaS CRM solutions Are Usually Dirt Cheap

We know, it’s not the point for people in business analytics, as the job pays well. But it’s always nice to have transparent fixed pricing for a service. 

SaaS technology requires no pricy installation or servers on your premises. It’s available to hundreds of thousands of people at a time. So it’s usually quite affordable.

Nimble, for example, is just $25 per user per month if billed monthly and $19 per user per month if billed annually. 

  1. Low Learning Curve: It’s User Friendly

You sure have the intelligence to master yet another tool, but with all the complexity of the software solutions for data analysis, you just want to give your brain a break here and there.

You have arrived. The intuitive interface of the CRM is a blessing. If you are as computer literate as to have your own Facebook account, you should be able to click your way through Nimble.

Lost? Check out the extensive webinar collection on the YouTube channel with plenty of best practices from old time Nimblers.

  1. It’s Customizable

CRMs are used across all industries, so they are designed to evolve and fit diverse businesses.

Customization is at the core of such adaptability. You can create a custom field pretty much in any feature: contact, task, pipeline. When you do so, you are basically programming your own CRM, that fits your needs.

Need to add a filter or reporting a parameter that’s not part of the regular demographic kit? Just add a tag to contact or deal and use it to sort or base analytics on.

  1. Reduce Manual Work & Save Time

Nimble Prospector extension is amazing for adding new contacts from Twitter or email. You don’t have to copy and paste all the tiny nuances, the extension will do it for you, saving lots of time for more efficient tasks on your agenda.

  1. CRMs Can Be Integrated With Thousands Of Other Apps

Via Zapier alone it’s possible to connect Nimble with over 2000 apps you may already use to enhance your workflow. Then there is Piesync and other 3rd party apps helping to connect software from different developers. 

If you have somebody more technical on your team, our cutting-edge API is easy to connect to.

Using Nimble To Optimize Data Analyst Working Routine

Plan Your Day, Meetings & Events

When working on your desktop all day, it’s too easy to get distracted by all the notifications and social media-induced endorphins easily available in the next tab.

This is why planning and scheduling are so vital for all the digital nomads and freelancers. Whatever you are using: be it a Pomodoro technique or a deep work session, having your calendar reflecting that brings all things together.

Sending invites for Zoom meetings to the team if you are working on a project is easy and goes to everyone’s calendars right away.

Starting your day with the dashboard with a calendar view is an extra incentive to focus on your pending tasks & meetings.

Get Your Contacts Sorted. Literally

Freelance buddies, clients, bosses, and team members are all scattered in different messengers, phonebooks, social media, and whatnot.

With a CRM for data analysis like Nimble, you don’t have to rack your memory for where it is, which channel it was, that your contact last had a conversation with you. 

Contact management is so powerful, that the G2 Crowd independent app review site recognized Nimble as the CRM industry leader in sales intelligence. Not only do you get all the contact info, but you also get a good dozen datapoints on the company a person is working for.

Assign Tasks to Team Members

If you are one of those WFH teams, Nimble will help with task management too. Tasks can be assigned to a person or people responsible for deadlines and other KPIs attached to them for further analysis.

You can also attach a file to a task and send an invite for a meeting from the interface, check all the correspondence between team members working on it.

Email Your Partners In A Click And Watch Them Open it

The group emailing option is something that’s gotten another dimension with new GDPR requirements.

Nimble CRM has a powerful email marketing module, that allows users to filter contacts and send a group email to a selection of contacts.

Open rate tracker will help understand how your email campaign is received by your recipients, as you can see who read or as much as opened your email.

Get Actionable Insights from Reporting Feature

This being an article for data analytics, this paragraph is pretty self-explanatory. You are the pros of graphs and visualizations and getting insights and telling stories based on orderly aligned digits.

But looking at your efficiency trends may be somewhat revealing even to pros like yourself. 

How To Start With Nimble CRM

If you want to get rid of all the clutter and never-ending mix of messengers and emails and get your day flowing smoothly, Nimble might be the answer.

With all the afore-enumerated advantages, this CRM offers to experience the entire array of its features for two weeks free of charge.

You don’t even need to provide your credit card to get started. Just your email.

You can then import your contact database from an email or even a CSV file.

The CRM interfaces with major tools, like Office 365, Google calendar, Gmail, and thousands of lesser-known software solutions for your convenience. 2-way sync via API will ensure data flows to and from without hiccup, providing up-to-date info every minute.

Only if you enjoy your work more when armed with this tool for 2 weeks for free, you can then insert your credit card and enjoy it for as little as $19 per user per month when billed annually.

Let’s get that data analyzed for more clients with better focus and high-quality insights!