CRM For Private Tutors. How To Drive New Customers And Turn Existing Students Into Advocates

CRM for private tutors is probably the only SaaS solution needed to organize the workflow of a private online teacher efficiently. Other businesses usually need a mix of different technology to run day-to-day operations, but in the case of tutorship, having a Customer Relationship Management system is enough.

In 2020 the global online tutorship market is forecasted to reach $173 billion, with the USA providing a 27% contribution of $46.9 billion.

Whilst there are many apps for tutoring business, – which we provide a short overview of below, – a Client Relationship Management tool could indeed be the only SaaS tool for private educators.

What is CRM for the tutoring business?

Client Relationship Management system for tutoring agencies and private trainers is a SaaS solution, that helps to manage student databases, organize calendar, sustain business correspondence, as well as plan team’s work.

What are the main features of CRM?

All tools may have a diverse mix of features, let’s quickly go through the possibilities of Nimble as one of the best CRM systems according to all major independent app reviews, like Capterra and G2Crowd.

  • Client database management (profile includes 40+ fields)
  • Calendar module with list and calendar views, the scheduling feature
  • Email marketing feature
  • Lead generation with Nimble Prospector Extension
  • Task management
  • Deal & pipeline management
  • Social media integration & insights
  • Reporting & analytics

How do I integrate the tool into my working process?

The best thing we recommend doing is to make use of the free 2 weeks trial before deciding to make a purchase.

All key players in the market will offer such a commodity, so does Nimble. We only need your email to start, no credit card is required.

The next thing will be to fill your database with your accounts – this can be done by uploading all contacts from an excel file or as much as adding your Gmail account to Nimble. You can also add a few contacts manually of course to try and see how things work, but this is not too user-friendly. We are here to reduce your workload, not multiply it.

This is it now, you can start enriching your user profiles, sharing their tweets from the comfort of CRM, emailing them, planning your day.

Tutoring Software Overview

A 173 billion worth industry has given rise to some useful tools that are industry-specific and created with tutors in mind.

Sought-after features in tutoring software solutions

  • Appointment schedule
  • Attendance tracking
  • Parent / student portal
  • Progress reports
  • Electronic assignments
  • Client management
  • Learning plans
  • Online classes
  • Payment module
  • Automatic grading

Popular Tutoring software apps

Turoware software for agencies

Industry-specific systems vs Universal CRM

Needless to say, such online education-specific tools cater to the narrow needs of the teachers, helping them organize their working routine and plan classes.

Universal CRMs, meanwhile, can have fewer specific features but are more versatile and customizable.

This is why many educators opt for universal tools:

  • They are created to suit any business, so they can be customized for any format. Any function can be extended by the creation of a custom field. This leads to unlimited possibilities of such solutions.
  • They go beyond the educational realm, so users can expand their understanding of business and its methods, leaving the comfort zone of the limited features of the tutoring software. For example, they can use Nimble prospector extension to grow their client base.
  • They are generally smoother to operate and cost less. Due to the wider field of application, universal CRMs are used by more people, so they contain fewer bugs and have powerful servers supporting them. The mere quantity of users and higher competition in the niche also makes pricing very attractive to clients. Nimble, for example, is a fixed $19 per user per month if billed annually.

Useful Platforms for Private Teachers

If you run a tutoring company, you might have heard of the platforms that work as an aggregator for tutorship services, connecting the teacher and the student.

It’s like Uber or for tutorship, so to say.

These platforms are not tutor management software per se, usually, they are a catalog of educators specializing in all sorts of fields, from languages to computing, music, and graphic design.

Students can use these platforms to find the teachers online with the skills they are looking to elevate, at the price they feel comfortable with. There is an opportunity to check out ratings and reviews of existing customers, that also helps to make a decision.

Preply tutorship platform

CRM for tutors, agencies and private online educators: best practices

Get all contacts in one place

Students come, go, return, recommend, leave positive reviews, or make a point to rant about you being late for 5 minutes to a class publicly.

For a busy educator, contact management becomes too much and overwhelming, especially in a time when there are so many channels to choose from. 

A CRM is integrated into most of those channels and provides an overview of all communications across most channels in one screen: email, social media, messengers.

Plan your day and send invites to classes

Classes do get canceled. Life is life and alas – this risk is one of the most frequent reasons why tutors lose a portion of their income. Students just no-show, or, in the best-case scenario – they postpone classes.

Having all of the classes scheduled neatly in your calendar will not save you from last-minute cancellations, no.

But sending automatic reminders one week / day before the class may surely reduce such instances, or force a student to realize the change of plans earlier and give you a timely heads-up, so you can resell this slot.

Keep communication smooth and automated

Email marketing can be exciting when you can send an email to all of your clients in a few clicks.

Being on top of their mind by congratulating them on Shakespeare’s birthday with a funny GIF if you are an English teacher? Sure

Advising them you have a sore throat and asking them to reschedule all classes in a week? Totally. No voice = no classes.

Do you want to drop a mail to all students learning Golang about a new cool feature? Just make sure you assign a special tag to all students with the programming language you teach them and you are good to go!

BTW, you can also check if they opened your mail or not. Is your 007 hat on yet?

Manage your team by assigning tasks, deals and monitoring pipeline

If you are running a tutoring agency a CRM will come in handy in more ways you can imagine.

Task and deal management allows us to create, assign, postpone tasks, and mark them complete as well.

Every user can start a day with a dashboard view, where all tasks are lined up in the order of commencement. Multi-level access allows the company owner to manage access levels according to a person’s role.

Get your Referral system sorted

Referral business can go up to 50% in some local or University-city educational businesses.

Tag those people who refer business to you accordingly so you can invite them for a thank you get-together and keep track of their referrals.

Nurturing a relationship with people who give you business is as important as impressing your clients, so keeping them in a segment in CRM allows users to plan marketing activities with this vital business segment.

Enrich student profiles with Nimble Prospector

Knowing your students will help you find the right tone of voice, learning fortes, distraction factors, motivational triggers for best efficiency.

Nimble Prospector extension is an amazing award-winning tool, that allows its users to add client profiles with minimum manual input – via social media or email, for example. As a result, you can get up to 40 fields of data in your enriched client profile due to this handy tool.

Dive in Analytics for better planning and results

Online tutoring services may get hectic and chaotic. It’s too easy to drown in every changing schedule and never-ending classes and lose focus on growing your business.

Keep your focus razor-sharp with this CRM by revisiting your analytics. 

Keep your business profiles topped with reviews

Social proof is one of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of tools pertaining to business growth.

Online educators and offline tutors need to have impeccable social media business profiles and great ratings on aggregator platforms.

One major tip to getting a lot of reviews is [let it be our secret, OK?] – asking for them.

If you as much as have one template going on easily accessible in your inbox with links to your major online platforms – like the Facebook page, Google Business, Preply page, your students will gladly spend 1-2 minutes writing a few words of gratitude.

Nimble CRM for tutors & tutoring companies: fast-track to success

If you are looking for a Customer relationship management tool or a private tutoring software – give Nimble a try.

This is why 140 000+ professionals chose us to save 90 minutes a day on average:

  • User-friendly interface that literally builds itself for you
  • Low learning curve and plenty of recorded webinars with best practices
  • Affordable rates of $19/25 per user per month if billed annually / monthly
  • Nimble Prospector extension, that makes agency growth a pleasant walk in the park
  • Easy integration with Trello / asana / Gmail / calendars, etc.

Let’s get this world a more knowledgeable and skilled place together: quicker, cheaper, more efficiently. Try Nimble CRM today for free.

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