8 Ways to Improve Your CRM Strategy

I was speaking with a Nimble user recently when they asked if there are any hidden gems within Nimble and what they could possibly be missing in their CRM strategy.

In order to shed some light on potentially overlooked contact management game-changers, the focus of this article will be to highlight Nimble features you might not have explored yet.

1. Multiple Deals Pipeline Management

Did you know that Nimble enables you to create multiple Deal pipelines? This is a feature that many Nimble users had requested in order to improve their workflow. Well, Nimble users — you asked, and we listened.

This feature enables users to create as many custom sales pipelines as they need with custom stages within those pipelines. Pipelines in Nimble can be used to manage projects, leads, campaigns, deals, and more.


You can learn more about our Multiple Custom Deal Pipeline features here.

2. Highlighted Contacts

Have you ever wondered what the Highlighted Contacts widget that appears on your Nimble Today page is? This widget highlights need-to-know connections that you can hone in on to optimize your relationship further.  Nimble generates these connections located within your contacts list based on specific keywords.


Nimble surfaces highlighted contacts based on contact attributes that are important for your business –  such as job title, industry, location, & company name.

After creating a Nimble account, Nimble automatically plugs-in the keywords “VP,” “Founder,” “CEO,” “Vice President,” “Director,” “Owner,” and “President.”

These can be edited at any time to include keywords that meet your business needs by visiting your settings. You can learn more about editing keywords here.

Hidden Gem #3: Social Profile Matching

Immediately after adding your contacts, the Nimble Social Profile Matching tool begins working its magic. Nimble automatically syncs relevant social profile data to your contact cards, enriching their profile and providing you with a well-rounded view of who they are both professionally and personally.

Nimble will populate what it has found in relation to your contacts such as social media profiles and career history from their first and last name, as well as their email address.

3. Smart Summary

Nimble makes it easy to share your contacts with others. This is particularly useful for those who are responsible for recruitment within their company or to share press contacts.  

Nimble builds a Smart Summary of insights pulled from your contacts’ social profiles on the right-hand side of the record page.

CRM Tips and Tricks

The Smart Summary includes information such as your contact’s bio, career history, company information, Kred score, educational background, geographic location, and more.

You can even share the Smart Summary with your colleagues to initiate a connection that could potentially lead to a mutually beneficial relationship.

CRM Tips and Tricks

CRM Tips and Tricks

5. Smart Contacts App & Prospector Feature

The Nimble Smart Contacts App and Prospector feature are huge timesavers that help you find contact information and build records of your prospects and leads. These enriched contact profiles enable you to begin conversations based on commonalities or interests and to help build rapport.

These tools can be taken with you wherever you go. For instance, when you are searching a website and you come across a person of interest, you can then use the Smart Contacts app to find more information about the potential prospect.

The Smart Contacts App enables Nimble users to view a live profile for any contact that will include their company information, location,  title, and social insights.

In order to begin using the Nimble Prospector feature, the Smart Contacts App must be added onto your browser. Once Nimble has built out your contact records, this app can also locate missing email addresses and phone numbers based on the information provided.

You can find more about the Nimble Smart Contacts extension here and more information about Nimble Prospector here.  

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6. Social Listening

After connecting your social media platforms, social listening can be done directly within your Nimble account.

Businesses use Twitter to gain a follower base by strategically using relevant hashtags. By searching for the appropriate hashtags and keywords in your Nimble account, you can save these searches to reference whenever you need to.

7. Nimble Mobile 3.0

Nimble has made it easier for you to upload contacts discovered from your mobile device directly into your Nimble account from locations such as your mobile LinkedIn, Twitter, email, and calendar apps.

For instance, say you come across a possible prospect when browsing your LinkedIn mobile application on your iOS device. From here, you can select the menu option in order to add this contact to Nimble.

We’re in the business of helping you save time with managing your contacts and relationships. This tool makes your workflow simpler by enabling you to effortlessly import contacts directly to your Nimble account, instead of spending time manually creating the contact.


Check out more about sharing contacts from your LinkedIn, Twitter, email, and calendar application on your mobile iOS device here.

8. Adding Additional Participants to a Deal

When creating a deal to add to your pipeline(s), you can add a primary contact or prospect that you are working with to the deal, as well as additional participants such as your primary contact’s team members.

For instance, a company may express interest in purchasing your product. The initial point of contact can be listed as the “primary.”  If you’ve discussed your product with any of the prospect’s team members, these participants can be added to your deal as well.

After adding your primary contact and any other participants, you can then visit the deal that you have created and view a list of all contacts involved on the right-hand side of your screen.

CRM Tips and Tricks

Who knew there were so many features that Nimble offers that can help you and your company succeed? Nimble works hard to make your life easier when building and managing your relationships. These hidden gems may just be what you need to get you and your team on a roll to be successful in Nimble.

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