Building Influence: A Webinar with Matt Heinz

Hi. Getting a list of key influencers is your industry is the easy part. There are countless “most influential” lists out there, not to mention social media rankings and other tools (such as Little Bird) to give you ranked lists of people you want to influence (as a means of getting your information in front of their followers).

In last week’s webinar with Matt Heinz, CEO of Heinz Marketing, we talked about the 8 strategies you can use to build an influential network. Why should you care? Revenue, that’s why.  

In May, Matt’s guest post talked about the eight strategies he recommends for building an influencer network. They are:

  1. Give to get
  2. Don’t assign your PR agency to them
  3. Get to know their audience & focus areas
  4. Give them a good story to tell
  5. Make them look smart to their followers & readers
  6. Start your asks small
  7. Get face time with them at events & conferences
  8. Ask for their feedback (but make it fast & easy)

By the way, in the webinar, you’ll also learn tips for building your own status as an influencer.

Enjoy the webinar!

8 Ways to Reach and Engage Influencers from Nimble Marketing on Vimeo.