Nimble Gets a New Look and Feel!

We just released a series of small changes to our Nimble User Interface (UI) today to improve our customers experience and effectiveness with our product. This release is a collection of UI changes our team has made to enable Nimble Users to be better, faster and smarter with our platform. We have learned a lot about what makes of best customers most effective and these changes are just a few in the many that we have and will continue to roll out to delight and empower you, the Nimble way.

Highlights of our Nimble UI Changes

new face

Updated Search Bar

Searching for information, especially contacts is the number one thing our customer do in Nimble. Our old search box was small and tucked into the top right corner.  Previously, if you wanted to search for different items like Contacts, Messages, Deals or Social Signals you needed to know to navigate to the appropriate tab and then select search. Now, you can select different search types and you’ll never have to leave the page.

As you can see, we upgraded our new search box to be featured prominently, front and center on the Nimble dashboard. You can easily select what you want to search for and we have auto populated suggested search results for contacts. This is a first step towards a set of search improvements coming this Fall.

“Check what’s new” in Nimble button

We had two ways to notify our customers about changes and upcoming maintenance; a small orange box at the top of Nimble and a banner on the bottom of our Nimble site. We received feedback from our users that these banners were a bit of a distraction, especially when you closed them and didn’t have the ability to see your history of task changes/notifications.

This is a work in progress. For now we have eliminated the orange box and now have a small icon for product change and maintenance notification. Soon we will add a history log to give you a better view of all your notifications.

Inactivity Notification Pop-up

After some time of period of inactivity we used to show a login pop-up which forced Nimble users to sign in again. It frustrated customers to have to sign in so many times. Well, have no fear, with one click of the “Wake up” button, you can continue right from where you left off.

Product Update Notification

We do our best to regularly push Nimble updates and fixes to keep delighting our Nimble customers.  The problem is that each update interrupted our customers and forced them to refresh the page to load the latest Nimble version.  We appreciate your feedback about this and put a lot of effort into this problem and from now on Nimble will improve without interrupting your work. A little icon will appear to let you know we have something new for you and it is your choice if you want to get update right now or it will be automatically loaded next time you go to Nimble.

New Help Center

We have reorganized our Help Section and made it easy for our customers to attend our weekly training webinars, take tours and watch videos to help them learn how to build their network and grow their business the Nimble Way.  It’s also much easier to get to our support and feedback forums to get the help you need and let us know how we can improve.

Task and Collaboration Notifications

We noticed that many of our customers are not aware that Nimble can be used to manage your team’s tasks to collaborate on your contacts, deals, and activities. Now our Team task and collaboration notification is easier to see and access.

Nimble Account Setup and Management

We have made it easier to get to the account setup, administration and configuration settings our customers need to keep Nimble working for them effectively throughout the day.

We hope that these changes help you to be more efficient and effective at connecting to your most important contacts to nurture relationships and grow your business. Please keep an eye on the update notification as we will be rolling out many more enhancements throughout the rest of the year. We’re very excited for the improvements we have queued up in our pipeline!