Why Your Retail Business Would Thrive With CRM

A business dealing with a wide range of products and a large number of customers needs to be systematized by keeping records, meeting deadlines, and quickly completing transactions. In the 21st century, the more technologies you are equipped with, the more competitors you beat. To date, the most effective retail solution is the retail CRM system.

CRM Software for Retail Industry Gives You a Speed Boost

21st century is the time of living at a high speed. Putting things off for later is considered a danger to your personal development and the development of your business.

Here is an interesting fact: the amount of information in the New York Times is equal to the amount of information that a person perceived in their entire life in the 18th century. It is neither bad nor good. It’s just that times have changed and we have changed as well.

Reasons why a client might choose another store over yours

  • The other store quickly responded to the customer’s order, quickly registered it, quickly took care of all the details. Everything was fast!
  • The other store immediately guessed which product the customer was looking for and immediately offered it.

Why is speed so important?

The current mindset of the average person is such that they want to do everything as quickly and painlessly as possible. This is especially true for young people: they are not used to waiting, they want to shop as fast as they pay, and paying now can be done in one click.

The world is oversaturated with information. Unfortunately, our brain cannot remember as much as we would like to. This is why retail CRM solutions exist.

The benefits of Nimble CRM for the retail industry

The most important thing about Nimble CRM is that it can collect all the necessary data on its own and form them into tables and graphs.

Processing of products and orders. CRM software for retailers will automatically process all orders that you received via phone, website, email, or social networks. As soon as you receive an order, the system immediately assigns it a status, appoints a responsible manager, and puts the order in the queue for execution.

Maintaining the customer base. With the help of retail CRM software, you will keep a personal customer card that will store the entire history of orders and communication. The customer will not have to tell you their preferences again, you will not have to ask. You can also divide the customer base into target audience segments for advertising campaigns.

crm for retail stores

Loyalty program. With the best CRM for retail stores, Nimble, you can set up a loyalty system for each group of customers. Offer a discount to your customers for the purchase of every third item, for their birthday, and so on. You can also use the program to set a time to remind the customer to buy a previously purchased product again because the customer may have run out and will want to restock.

Attractive offers. With a CRM you can create a system of bonuses or automatic discounts on the last remaining items.

Accounting for products. There is no need to visit the warehouse each time to see the availability and quantity of products. The CRM allows you to quickly check the products available in your store or warehouse.

Working with a delivery service. The order will be automatically sent to the delivery service, so the customer will receive their products faster. Using CRM, you will also be able to see the delivery status and inform customers about the delivery time.

Sales analytics. Using Nimble as the best CRM for retail business, you can get a report with tables and graphs in one click. You will see how many items of each product have been sold and determine the popularity of each product, as well as the channel the most buyers came from.

What else can be seen in the report? The number of orders each manager has processed. After analyzing the report, you will be able to see which employees can be rewarded.

CRM Use Case: Personalized Pop-Ups

An online store of musical instruments wanted to have personalized pop-ups. An idea was born to divide customers into guitarists, pianists, vocalists, and personalize the offer for each segment.

crm for retail stores


How does it work? If a person visited, for example, the Guitars section, they were marked down as a guitar player and shown the following pop-up: “Want to play like Hendrix?” After clicking on this pop-up, the customer was shown a window with video reviews of guitars, guitar songs, and so on.

A comparative report showed that personalized pop-ups collected 125% more email addresses.


CRM software for retail sales is necessary to get new customers and convert them through the sales funnel to brand advocates. Soon, CRM will play a key role in the retail industry. A business that does not use CRM will lag behind significantly.

The task of CRM is to collect and record new data, create reports, show the availability of products, and more. CRM gives you time to complete your immediate tasks: analyzing, developing new ideas, researching your target audience to understand its needs, and so on. Try Nimble as a retail industry CRM to see your business grow!