How to Execute Stellar Events With the Help of CRM

Today, Most event agencies are smaller businesses. Small companies can provide services to customers of various sizes, having different needs, with high efficiency and flexibility. However, maintaining effective operations, in this case, requires qualitative tools.

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Therefore, CRM software for event management gained significant popularity. After all, it is important that all customer requests are served as fully and as accurately as possible. f properly nurtured, the customer will contact the selected agency again and again. In modern conditions of fierce competition, well-constructed communication helps in retaining customers.

To solve this, software development companies offer a large selection of event CRM software, each with its own features and characteristics.

Why Do Event Managers Need CRM?

Preparing for an event consists of a large number of tasks. Often, the event manager has to change something, supplement new resources, and take into account small details that can easily be overlooked. Making sure nothing falls through the cracks may be simply impossible.

This is where CRM comes to the rescue. You can comments on tasks or events, make memos about meetings, and keep in touch with executors or customers. 

CRM for Event Managers

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What Does CRM Stand for in Event Management?

Viable event manager CRM solution should be consistent with the realities of the industry.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Sales have a long cycle. After all, a great event is not organized in a single day. Preparing for some events takes a very long time. And all the while it is important to keep all the information in one place and not to miss any details.
  • Customer requirements are subject to change. In the process of organizing an event, it happens that the client does not remember what was originally agreed on or they may suddenly change their wishes. Therefore, it is very important that the entire history of communication with the customer is always available.
  • High competition. Customers can choose from a huge selection of agencies. If something goes wrong, the client can simply switch to another vendor.
  • The transaction value in the industry is quite high. For such amounts, the client is expecting exemplary service and professionalism.

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Benefits of Using CRM for Event Managers

Using a CRM for event company allows organizing the working process in general, as well as in preparation for each specific event.

Suitable systems have the following useful functionalities:

  • Customer base maintenance;
  • Notifications about meetings, events, and important details;
  • History of the entire communication with each client;
  • Reporting, both centralized and decentralized;
  • Setting and tracking tasks;
  • Mailing;
  • Payment systems integration.

Nimble CRM Features

nimble crm

Nimble is a highly flexible CRM that can be specialized for companies in a wide variety of industries, including entertainment and catering. Customers are supplied with one of the best CRM for event planners.

Nimble has the following advantages:

  • Sales tracking. Here, the information about previous purchases of each customer, their focus, and interests is stored.
  • Customer relationship management. Using Nimble, you can get a stronger connection with customers. They will feel that their interests are taken into account and appreciated.
  • Increase in productivity. Each team member can access Nimble. This will allow employees to better understand their customers while also saving time on data entry, which in turn will increase their productivity.
  • Company efficiency improvement. The ability to provide all employees with access to a complete interaction history with their customers will improve the general efficiency of the company.
  • Highly accurate analytics. CRM for event planners allows you to get personalized forecasts and discover insights based on your customer data in just a few clicks.
  • Administrative tasks automation. This will allow employees not to be distracted by routine tasks. Nimble event manager CRM can set reminders, sort incoming data, and send emails at scale.
  • The opportunity to save on costs. You might think that the cost of a CRM system for events would be high, but Nimble starts as low as $19 a month! 

Benefits of Nimble CRM for an Event Company

Nimble CRM is a cloud service that makes it possible to collect and manage customer data, communicate at scale, manage multiple sales funnels, and analyze the activities of employees.

It is used exclusively on a paid basis but there is also a free 14-day trial, which allows you to see if Nimble is right for your team before committing. Using this software, you can facilitate the activities of the staff and provide management with control over the work processes.

Using Nimble as a CRM for event management, you can collect customer data from social networks and services. The system can link business contacts and accounts on social networks and send messages to employees through social networks. The user can always see their working plan and comment on it.

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Reasons to Choose Nimble CRM

There are many reasons to choose Nimble CRM.

The most important are:

  • Convenient interface;
  • Low entrance threshold;
  • Simple integration with third-party systems;
  • Automatic importing of contacts;
  • Sales funnel tracking;
  • Automated notifications;
  • Commenting capabilities.

CRM for Event Managers

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Customer Reviews

The program really helps our business stay afloat. Now, I can easily keep in touch with my customer base at all times, everywhere I work. I can immediately see if there are any set backs with tasks, and whether my team needs my help.

Alex, event agency owner 

We introduced Nimble into our day to day a couple months ago. Our employees adapted very quickly and many immediately saw an increase in productivity. Now everything is at hand, and nothing is forgotten or lost.

Nancy, HR manager

Wrapping Up

CRM systems are great for the event planning industry. With their help, you can implement long-term projects and constantly keep under control everything to the smallest detail. Also, they can significantly improve the quality of customer service. You can compile a database, send targeted group messages, and keep track of all your deal information in one place. Such a system is an indispensable business aid.