What LinkedIn’s API Change Means to You

By now, you’ve heard the news that LinkedIn Corporation altered a policy that has resulted in changes to the way Nimble and other CRM applications interact with LinkedIn.

Today’s post focuses on the changes and what they mean to you, and we’ll be talking about this topic on today’s Nimble Tuesday Training Webinar. REGISTER HERE  

Social Media Concepts

Nimble delivers context and insight from a variety of sources 

Nimble has built unique technologies that enable us to deliver context and insights from various sources including Facebook, G+, Twitter, Angel List, Crunchbase and many more. We will continue to add other sources of valuable information to help you grow your business.

LinkedIn has blocked the ability to send “Invitations to Connect” through Nimble, but you can invite people to connect via links to their LinkedIn profile, which we will still be able to locate.

Nimble continues to add value to your Social Selling workflow.

While LinkedIn’s policy changes may limit us from displaying LinkedIn contact details within Nimble’s application, we continue to add unparalleled value in other ways, such as through the ability to import LinkedIn contacts, auto-match LinkedIn profiles and display relevant work history and profile information.

What about my LinkedIn contacts?

While you cannot directly import contacts by simply connecting LinkedIn, there are two ways around this.

You can easily import/update your LinkedIn contacts into Nimble by exporting the CSV file  from LinkedIn, and importing them into Nimble. Please see our article for more information about how to import contacts via LinkedIn CSV

You can also import LinkedIn contacts from your browser with our Nimble Everywhere Browser Widget.

Nimble Everywhere Browser Widget

While the LinkedIn inbox, stream, and notifications will no longer be visible within Nimble, the Nimble Everywhere widget comes to the rescue!

Social Selling signals, messages and notifications are available in many other places including LinkedIn, Hootsuite and your email inbox.

One of the awesome things about our Nimble Everywhere Browser Widget is that you can use Nimble’s Smart Contact feature to follow you wherever you are at in Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. This means that you can be on the LinkedIn website, and with a simple right click of your mouse, you can add contact details into the pop-up widget that are stored in your Nimble account.

Change Happens

If you spend any time at all on sites like LinkedIn, you know that change is a common occurrence. The ability to manage your contacts, communication and deals from within Nimble’s easy to use platform hasn’t gone away.

LinkedIn’s policy change means a slightly adjustment in how Nimble interfaces with LinkedIn, but in the end, you are still able to take advantage of all the great functionality that you’ve come to expect from us, and that will never change!