What a Custom Fitted Office Says About Your Brand

Two Kinds of Offices: Online and Offline

Most businesses today basically work from two offices. There’s their actual offline office site and their online “office” comprised of their business website and blog. Both are hugely important in conveying the specific business brand.

What a Custom Fitted Office Says About Your Brand

An ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing office speaks volumes of the care and attention to detail upon which the business owner predicates business. A custom fitted office tells customers that the brand is confident, secure, effective and valuable. A custom fitted office creates a “need” for the product or service and that need is the basis of elevated business rank and branding.

Office Designs and Brand Recognition

There’s a definite link between the design of an office and branding. It’s difficult to sell a product or service when the office design is skewed, disorganized or doesn’t imply clarity or articulation. When customers walk into an office, first impressions are lasting impressions that can be unforgivable. A custom fitted office looks the part. It should be designed for efficiency without appearing sterile to customers. It should be custom fitted with designs that become ready reminders of the product or service. Color, shape and size play an important role in office designs. Try to match the office environment to the logo and brand for a more effective embodiment of business rank.

Tips on Custom Fitted Offices

When customers enter a custom fitted office, they want the feeling they are receiving the ultimate customer service experience. Design the interior of the office so that it represents friendly customer service. This is especially important in offices that are service and product based. Insure that the design provides for easy accessibility and fluid movement. Avoid bulk and unnecessary obstacles in pathways. The custom fitted office can include a designated area for hi-tech equipment like that from Total Fitout Solutions and should include an area that prominently displays the digital marketing aspects of the business. Customers want to know that the business is state-of-the-art. Try to integrate the daily business workflow in the offline office with that of the online office.

Custom Fitted Online “Offices”

Integration is the key to creating an inclusive business concept. Review the design business website and blog frequently to insure it is fully integrated with the offline office. Use social media to increase customer response to digital marketing plans. Offer smartphone apps that provide direct links to the offline office and customer service. Business blogs are one way to embed digital marketing into the overall custom fitted office design.

Custom Fitted Office Designs

Custom fitting an office begins with a well-planned design. Design areas for office equipment so it flows smoothly and seamlessly within heavy foot traffic areas. These designs are conceptual. They should also be functional and meet with daily business workflow needs. The interior size of an office determines custom fitted design. Size affects where office furniture, storage areas, equipment and displays can be located. In terms of office furniture, it should be comfortable, durable and provide for maximum ergonomic efficiency. Custom fitted office designs can be created with software applications or by professionals experienced in office design.

Your Office, Your Brand and Your Company Values

The design of a custom fitted office speaks volumes of your sense of innovation, your brand and your company values.