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Five Ways Nimble Customers Are Using Our Product

We have recently surveyed our customers to hear how they describe the biggest benefits of Nimble. We also wanted to hear it in their own words. It’s so easy to get too close to your product and start speaking in your internal language. The longer you are focused on the product, the bigger the issue. So we decided to expand the way we talk to our customers and gather feedback from them. On top of sending the survey, we have talked to hundreds of prospective customers in the last quarter, connected with many current customers and industry influencers that use Nimble. We have also gone through hundreds of online reviews that our customers left us.

What did we find out? That indeed the order of importance of our features to our customers was a little different than we thought. The biggest thing that we have learned was that it really is about the basics. Most of our customers are small business owners, solopreneurs/entrepreneurs, CEOs, marketers. These people are usually wearing many hats and are so busy with daily activities that they rarely have time to clean things up, come up with processes or review our current processes, etc. So things get messy and our business contacts, the most important thing of all, are all over the place. 

Here’s the list of the features that our customers voted to be the most beneficial to them. Features are listed in order of importance.

  1. Keeping Track of Customers & Connections
  2. Email Integration, Tracking, Inbox Extensions
  3. Deals & Pipelines
  4. Shared Database and Segmentation
  5. Browser Extensions & Social Integration

1. Keeping Track of Customers & Connections


If you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur, or a busy salesperson, you know that it’s impossible to remember all the people that you’ve had a meeting with and what you promised them you’d do. You also probably know that if you don’t write it down, it won’t happen. And writing it down on a piece of paper is also probably not ideal. However, if you add everyone as a contact into your CRM database, you can ensure no important potential customers are falling through the cracks. 

Our Task feature enables you to stay on top of your to-do’s by sending you notifications directly to your Inbox and on your mobile device. You can delegate tasks to other team members if they plan to follow up and follow through on important memos. You can access our Task feature from any contact, company, or deal record. And you can also add a Task widget to your Today Page to be reminded of what needs to be done every time you log into Nimble.


Stay in Touch Reminders

It’s essential to set up reminders for anybody you need to be in touch with regularly and for all your leads that are not yet ready to move forward. Once people show interest in your products or services, it’s likely that they will eventually buy. If you continually connect with them repeatedly, the chances of them buying are even higher. 

With our “Stay in Touch” feature, you can set reminders on people you want to touch and continually grow your relationship with them. You can set the reminder to occur on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis, or you can create a custom period. It’s also very easy to reset them and remove them.

2. Email Integration, Tracking, Inbox Extensions

Since most of our work doesn’t actually happen within our CRM systems, it’s important to be able to access contacts and create profiles in the places that we do work. 

If you’re working with Microsoft 365, Nimble has add-ins that make it easy to keep track of interactions you have with your contacts. Our Outlook add-in allows you to access contact records from your inbox, track & organize email interactions, send templated emails at scale, and basically handle all of your CRM-related tasks without ever having to leave the Outlook app.

Similarly, Nimble’s Microsoft Teams integration is great for accessing contact data before meetings, setting follow-up reminders, and logging key meeting details all from within the Microsoft Teams application!

For people working mainly with Google Workspace, Nimble’s got you covered too! It also integrates seamlessly with your Gmail inbox to bring your CRM straight to you. Nimble allows you to easily send trackable email templates from within Gmail. Nimble can even send you desktop notifications when people open or click links in your emails!

3. Deals & Pipelines

Nimble enables you and your team to close more deals more swiftly by effectively tracking your deal pipeline in one place. You can create as many pipelines as you want and use them to not only track your sales opportunities, but also marketing projects, PR opportunities, renewals, and more. 

Nimble allows you to see all your team members’ deals. You can view the deals either as a list or on a pipeline.

When building pipelines in Nimble, you can completely customize them to your sales process. Besides naming the pipeline, you can also add individual stages and set the number of days you allow each deal to be in each stage. However, in order to configure and create pipelines, the account owner needs to grant you permission.

You can add deals once you set your pipeline. Deals can be named and attributed to multiple contacts and companies. You can also add the valued amount, schedule an expected close date for the deal, project the probability of closing, and choose the beginning stage for your deal. As the deal goes through your pipeline, you can access engagement history and insights on key contacts. 

You can even view your deals once you log into Nimble by adding the Deals and Pipeline Chart widget onto your Today Page. Adding the Deals widget will allow you to check the status of deals and your overall pipeline. And the Pipeline Chart widget shows all of your deals organized by date. Each bar is color-coded to visualize the amount for the deals you’re managing based on the stage they’re in for that month.

Difference Between Deals and Leads Pipeline

We recently launched a new feature called Leads Pipeline,  which allows you to stream qualified leads into separate pipelines steadily. Don’t mix it up with your deal pipeline. While both pipelines will help you and your team become more organized, it is necessary to keep leads and deals separate.

You’ve probably been in a situation where you had a large number of potential leads sitting in the prospecting/lead generation stage of your pipeline, making the list long and difficult to go through. Creating a separate pipeline just for the qualification process can streamline your process and prevent a potential loss of business. 

4. Shared Database and Segmentation

Collaboration among teams is the key to success in any business. However, in order to collaborate effectively, it is crucial to know what each member is working on.

Nimble is, at its heart, an amazing Team Relationship Manager! It enables business teams to stay on top of their lead nurturing, follow-up opportunities, email marketing, and sales goals from one unified database. 

While a shared database can be very convenient, it can also make your database more chaotic. So we developed our Segmentation feature to make it easier for you to search for contacts based on specific filters. Nimble’s search engine allows you to search across multiple data fields to help you organize your contacts into lists. After you’ve organized your contacts into lists, you can perform bulk actions such as sending group messages and assigning follow-up tasks.

You can use the segmentation feature in several different ways. For example, if you want to clean up your database, you can segment search to “Phone Is Empty” and “Email Is Empty”. This search will give you all the contacts that don’t have any contact information in your database.

5. Browser Extensions & Social Integration

If you want to grow your relationships with your prospects and clients, you need to be where they are at the most – social media. Whether it’s to share updates about their business or personal life, social media is where your contacts will be. 

This is why we created Nimble Prospector because we know nobody likes having to stop what they are doing and go into their CRM to log all the information in. We wanted to make sure you have access to your CRM where you and your prospects and customers spend the most time. 

With Nimble Prospector, you’ll be able to create new records and update existing ones straight from any social media platform, any website, and in any third-party cloud-based application. Just hover over any hyperlinked name anywhere on social or you can also highlight their name. If someone isn’t in your contacts yet, Nimble will automatically start creating a new contact record for that person.