Use Social Engagement To Nurture Your Leads

Every successful business owner knows that they are only as good as the faithful followers they lead. Loyal fans who believe in the product, also believe in the person selling it and that they can benefit in some way. As a business owner, it’s your top priority to keep your contacts interested in your vision and conscious of why they decided to join the tribe.  To preserve your backers happiness and witness a growth in your contact list, you must develop some strategies to show your gratitude and admiration of their support.

This article will cover some ways you can use social engagement to maintain and build your contact list.

 Own Your Brand

Having a personal brand will set you apart from other entrepreneurs. It is a great way to market yourself as a business proprietor. Create a brand that people can trust and shows your personality. Be clear about your product and what you represent.

Social networking sites exist to establish a relationship between you and your audience.  Today’s small business owners take advantage of social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram to build a strong online presence that allows them to interact with fans and grow their business.

Start by making a name for yourself on multiple social channels. Don’t limit yourself to just a website. Create a Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, etc that perfectly reflects your brand. These sites should look identical. They should all have identical color schemes with identical headers. Personalize your signals with a profile of either your logo or your professional picture that people will see each time you post or tweet. Add a strong, clear message that describes your product and encourages your fans to check out your website.

Customers want the best for themselves! So be the best and you’ll see results.

Cater To Your Audience and Engage

Once you’ve created a Twitter, Facebook Page, Google+ and so on, you can start sharing intriguing content that fans can view on their personal timeline if they choose to “Like” or “Follow” you.

Cater to your audience! Share videos and photos that not only interest you, but them as well. You’ll know if your audience responds well to a post by how many “Likes”, “Favorites,” “Retweets” or “Mentions” you receive. Based on this, you can post more content that interests them.

Don’t be shy about constantly updating your social sites, especially on Twitter. Send several tweets a day! Make sure to always mention, retweet and direct message current advocates and potential leads.

If someone comments on a post, comment back. If someone sends a direct message, then message them right back. Create a dialogue with your followers that will encourage them to feel comfortable approaching you. This way they know you are human and interested in engaging.

Don’t forget to offer promotions and giveaways from time to time. For example, give away a 30-day free trial of your product for anyone who signs up for your webinars and shares an exclusive message (from the webinar) with their list of followers.

This is free publicity and sure to get more people who are unaware of your product interested in learning more!

Reach Out To Social Media Influencers

Keeping your audience entertained is extremely important. However, you must also take the time to seek out thriving social media influencers. These influencers have their own long list of followers that could eventually become your list of followers. Take action!

Find out who you are messaging before you message them and be prepared to offer your services. Send these influencers a nice email, a tweet or retweet something they said. Make them feel special by praising their work. If they host webinars, attend one and tweet positively about your experience. Share their content and respond to their posts. Offer them special promotions for your product. Learn from them!

Do your part and these influencers will be happy to share their marvelous testimony about your product and/or tweet your website to their thousands of followers.

Make Use Of Blogs and Webinars


Hosting a webinar is another way to get potential customers interested in your invention. It’s inexpensive and easy to setup.  Use webinars to demo your product, introduce a new feature, share an exciting idea and much more.

There are plenty of services such as GoToWebinar that will broadcast your webinar. Make it a recurring event and empower your fans to sign up with a special offer!


Blogs are a foolproof way to generate more leads and keep your current contacts jubilant. It’s where you have the most control over your content and can reach a wider audience.

Come up with great blogging concepts! You don’t want to talk only about your product. Show your audience that you are well rounded. Teach them something new, share ideas, places you’ve traveled, current events, restaurants you adore, funny cat pictures/stories and so on.

Make sure your blog is easy to follow and post at least 3 times a week.

You can tie in your product at the end of every blog post by inspiring your audience to take action. Have a sign-up section so they receive your newsletters in their inbox and before you know it, they’ll be sharing your blog post with the rest of their office.

Make sure your audience is well aware of your webinars and blogs by sharing a link on your social networks!

Choose a CRM You Can Trust

Now that you have the leads, you’ll need a solid place to keep track of them.  The benefit of a good customer relationship manager is having all of your contacts on one platform.  This way they are easy to manage. Choose a CRM such as Nimble to pull in social signals and regularly surface engagement opportunities from your social channels.

Nimble is a simply insightful relationship manager created to help professionals build better relationships with their customers. Use it to identify, engage and nurture your contacts. Set reminders to follow up with your leads with our Stay In Touch feature. You can also create tasks, track deal opportunities and respond to Twitter mentions and retweets, etc. directly from within Nimble.

Our Nimble Smart App enables you to gain insight on potential leads and current contacts simply by hovering over their name. Use it to find individuals relevant to your business and get to know them across social channels before engaging.

Make use of this information to build robust relationships and it will produce happy, well-nurtured customers, increased leads, stronger bonds and more business opportunities. 😉