5 Reasons Why Teams Should be Using Skype for Business

We all use Skype for instant messages and conference video calls. However, you may be surprised to know that many companies use this program for business communication. In fact, there is a special version of Skype aimed at businesses.

You may ask: what is Skype for Business? Why is it better than regular Skype? We have prepared a detailed Skype for Business review that answers all your questions.

So, let’s get started.

What is Skype for Business?

Many people use Skype to get in touch with their friends and relatives. This program allows you to call people all over the world using the Internet, exchange messages, and send files. It can also work for business communication within small companies with up to 20 employees but lacks functionality for bigger businesses.

At the same time, Microsoft has developed a more advanced solution for bigger companies. Skype for Business adopts all the standard Skype features, allowing you to use instant messaging and video calls. However, this version has an advanced functionality aimed at business communication.

The distinctive features of Skype for Business are:

  • Great video quality– enjoy streaming videos in HD quality; the system can also automatically track your head movements and crop the picture for a better image;
  • Big video conferences– you can create meetings with up to 250 attendees;
  • Collaboration tools– Skype for business allows you to record videos, use whiteboards and polls, share screens, and transfer files with colleagues;
  • High-security level– your communication will be encrypted to protect your valuable data.

Does Skype for Business work effectively for business communication? We have prepared a list of reasons why every company should use it.

Reasons to Use Skype

If you are looking for a solution that can help you to communicate within a large company, Skype for Business will be a perfect choice. It will reduce non-essential travel costs, allowing you to connect your distant employees via video conferences. Both mobile and desktop versions of this program are available, making it easier to get in touch with your colleagues. Microsoft Skype for Business will grant you even more benefits.

Let’s discuss five of its main advantages.

Share Files Easily

We all use messengers to share images and files. Skype for Business provides you with even more options. You can share your desktop, showing what you are working on, and communicate via voice or video messages.

Furthermore, you will be able to share PowerPoint presentations and notes, which can be very helpful in case of a video conference. This functionality is available for both mobile and desktop versions of Skype, providing you access to important information at any time you want.

Send Instant Messaging

Skype creates an additional communicational channel that is vital for business. It grants you an ability to instantly contact any user of this software. You can easily find out whether your colleague is available for a call or if you should leave a message for them.

Integration with Phone/Email

Another advantage of Skype is that you can integrate it with other communication channels. This program allows you to call both Skype and phone users, decreasing your expenditures on the phone bills. Furthermore, you can integrate Skype with Outlook and in a few clicks upload all the contacts, message your co-workers, and even organize an impromptu video conference.

Convenient Integration with Office 365

The latest version of this app is completely integrated with Office 365 suite, making your communication even easier. There is no need to use multiple applications; you can manage instant messaging, emails, and much more at one platform. What is more, such integration makes it easier to share presentations and other documents throughout the meeting.

Increased Security

Business communication usually requires sharing some important information that should be protected from other parties. Some instant messaging apps may have security issues and suffer from intrusions, but Skype for Business is developed to provide enterprise-level security.

For example, Skype controls the authentication process and encrypts all your communication. It is a reliable software that guarantees your company’s safety.

How to Benefit with Skype for Business

Here’s some Skype for Business quick tips to help you get the maximum efficiency from this program.

Explore the functionality of all apps within Office 365. For example, you can use Outlook to remind your colleagues about meetings. You can also display a presentation directly from your PowerPoint app. There are plenty of options to manage your communications and maximize productivity.

Remember that you can use different tools to fully customize your video meeting. Skype for Business allows you to browse attendees, mute or block any person, and display different content to participants. You can also create a virtual whiteboard to share ideas, as well as a poll or a questionnaire. Remember that you can connect up to 250 people within one conference.

What is more, you can use Skype for Business to broadcast content to a much wider audience. You can conduct a massive webinar with over 10,000 attendees. The video can be recorded and watched afterward on Microsoft Azure.


Skype for Business is an advanced version of a convenient messaging app. It expands the features of the regular Skype, allowing you to conduct big videoconferences or even huge webinars. This program was created with high-security standards and can be integrated with Office 365 suite. We hope that our review of Skype for Business helped you to choose this amazing product and enhance your business communication.