Unlocking the Power of Nimble: Transforming Robin Raskin’s 25,000+ Contact Network into a Centralized Goldmine

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About Virtual Events Group

Virtual Events Group is a B2B community that connects event stakeholders with the tools they need to optimize their business. The heart of The Virtual Events Group is the most complete listing of platforms, tools, production services and generative AI that you can find online. They’re all carefully grouped according to a taxonomy we created to help you get your head around what over 600 companies in this industry have to offer to help make your events a huge success.
Robin Raskin is the CEO and Founder of The Virtual Events Grou
p, a community that explores how we will meet in a tech-first future. A long-time journalist, author, publisher, event producer, and industry advocate, Raskin was one of the early editors of PC Magazine, and one of the first women in technology publishing. She founded FamilyPC, and created Yahoo!Tech. In 2008 Raskin founded Living in Digital Times (LIDT), which was acquired by the Consumer Technology Association. She writes a weekly column about the intersection of technology and the economy for Techonomy. Raskin plays an active role in high-tech policy issues. She won a lifetime achievement award from the CTA in 2020.


Name: Robin Raskin

Company Name: Virtual Events Group

Company URL: https://virtualeventsgroup.org/

Location: New York, NY

Title: CEO and Founder

Linkedin URL:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/robinraskin/

Conquering Contact Chaos: How Nimble Streamlined 25,000+Contacts

Robin Raskin, a seasoned professional with a prominent background, had accumulated an impressive web of contacts over the years. With 15,000 acquaintances on LinkedIn, 10,000 Facebook friends, and an ever-growing number on Twitter, managing these diverse networks became increasingly challenging. Additionally, various consulting roles, each with a unique sets of contacts, further complicated the situation. Robin’s quest for a more efficient solution led her to Nimble, a platform designed to gather and organize contacts from various sources into one central location.

“When you’ve spent decades working in the same industry as I have in tech, you acquire thousands of meaningful connections in all sorts of random ways. And now that business cards are all but dead, contacts come to you via email, social media, chat rooms, and more. Nimble gets that.”

To effectively manage her extensive web of contacts, Robin understood the importance of tagging. With consulting roles in distinct industries such as CES, NAB, Toy Fair, and Cosmoprof, each contact required specific categorization. Tags allowed her to group individuals based on their professional associations, making it easier to navigate her network with precision.

While tagging and note-taking were instrumental in organizing her contacts, Robin faced a unique challenge with funneling. Given the dynamic nature of her business and the varying needs of her clients, determining the most suitable approach for each connection proved to be an ongoing learning process. As her consulting services evolved, so did the way she categorized and interacted with her contacts.

“It gives you a single place to amass those important contacts and organize them. But what I really love about Nimble is that it grabs the social profile of whomever (and however) I enter them. Tagging my contacts has become an invaluable way to put them “in the right buckets” so I can find them when I need them.”


Nimble CRM For SalePeople
This gif shows adding a note and a tag to a contact record.

Streamlining Robin Raskin’s Extensive Consulting Network with Nimble

With an extensive network spanning diverse consulting roles, Robin found Nimble’s tagging feature to be a game-changer. As an efficient way to categorize and group contacts, tagging streamlined her network navigation, making it easy to find and engage with specific groups of connections.

Tagging allowed Robin to create her own custom categories, tailoring them to match her unique consulting roles and individual preferences. This flexibility enabled her to organize contacts in a way that made the most sense to her, enhancing her efficiency and productivity. By tagging contacts based on their shared attributes or affiliations, Robin could target specific groups for personalized outreach. Whether it was reaching out to her CES network or engaging with her contacts from Toy Fair, Nimble’s tagging system ensured that each interaction was relevant and effective.

“Some contacts might overlap on tags, which helps me because when I look at the contact card, I can see multiple tags on a contact card to get a better understanding of who they are.”

In the pursuit of optimizing her contact management process, Robin discovered the transformative power of note-taking. The ability to take insightful notes and capture essential details allowed her to infuse each interaction with a sense of personalization and relevance, nurturing stronger connections with her network. By recording vital information, such as the date of communication and the topics discussed, she could remember the context behind each connection.

“Quickly adding notes to a contact record is a powerful tool, especially if you put it in the context of scheduled meetings and what we spoke about. It gives you an idea of why a contact card is in your database at all.”

Nimble CRM Publishing Conference
This image shows a contact list of tags.

Nimble: Empowering Marketers with Contact Management & Personalization

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of marketing, Nimble achieves effective contact management and marketing strategies. As demonstrated by Robin Raskin’s experience, Nimble’s note-taking and tagging features provide marketers with unparalleled tools to optimize their interactions with clients and prospects. With Nimble’s note-taking capabilities, marketers can capture and retain valuable insights from every interaction, enabling them to personalize engagements and nurture stronger connections. Additionally, Nimble’s efficient tagging system streamlines the organization of contacts, empowering marketers to navigate their extensive networks with ease. By embracing Nimble as their CRM, marketers unlock the power to harness the true potential of their connections, fueling meaningful relationships and driving success in the dynamic and competitive marketing industry.


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