10 Remote Productivity Tips to Better Work from Home

Our homes serve as our place of comfort where we can spend time alone with families and friends without the physical image of running into our boss or having to submit a file or even going for a board meeting. However, as time lapses there is more need to work from home.

Have you wondered as a manager, businessman, team lead, or freelancer how the efficiency of your team members has not achieved the desired target in the current pandemic? This can be due to various factors and issues. However, you should focus on one significant thing as a manager, and it is how to tackle these factors.

In this article, we will give you a deep dive into various ways to tackle these issues as a manager to achieve quality output from your team members.

Here are ten tips to help:

How to increase productivity while working from home

1. Scheduling

Time and schedules are a fundamental part of work; and when you are working remotely, it is essential to set schedules around various tasks. The importance of using a timesheet app in this regard cannot be overemphasized. For example, as a team member, you can have seven virtual meetings in one day and also have to deliver several daily tasks. In this case, you need a timesheet app to keep track of these meetings. 

The amazing part of working from home is you can set your calendar by putting virtual meetings, brain tasking projects, or high priority tasks in the early hours of the day. Alternatively, you can set your schedule in a way that works for you and increase productivity.

2. Productivity locations

Working from home does not mean only working in the comfort of your house. It also requires that sometimes, you can go out of your home and find a great place that will make your work seamless. For example, as a vendor or marketer, you might have to access a virtual market place to increase your sales, just like the magneto multi-vendor marketplace. 

You can also find a perfect Wi-Fi spot or a shop with fantastic Wi-Fi, and you can get inspiration from these places. You can also discover work city places that other remote workers come to work and carry out tasks. An essential tip is to make sure you do not work on your bed, because that might lead you to sleep off and to be unproductive.

3. Interactions

As it is crucial to remain focused on a task, it is also necessary to have a social conversation with others who are associated with your work daily or weekly. This is because we’re social beings and need these interactions to balance our thinking processes and workflow. While working and it seems you are just working alone, you can always check on colleagues and talk about pending tasks and tasks that seem too complicated.

remote working productivity tips

Social interactions can also help foster a sense of connection to others and also help to stay in touch with things happening around them. These social interactions, either through social media or taking walks and picnic dates, should be considered as well. 

4. Work processes 

One of the best approaches to enjoy working remotely and increase productivity is the need to create processes around how you work. This process means creating time flow and plans to how you start your day when you take breaks and rest periods, the place you begin work, and how you gauge your daily results.

5. Your look matters a lot

Apart from the approach and process you put into your work, how we dress up for work in the morning is super essential. It’s best if you don’t start work in your pajamas. For example, you wouldn’t resume the work with your pajamas and nighties on and flip flops. Hence, while working from home, try and maintain that consciousness, just like when you are going to the office.

Have your bath and breakfast, dress up, and look smart for work. With that, you look great for work and carry their perfect mentality. Also, while you work, you might have to join a virtual meeting, this makes you appear clean and tidy and shows a sense of seriousness. That’s why it’s important to freshen up, put on something cozy, and begin your work for the day.

6. Remote virtual meetings 

Sometimes, some tasks require virtual meetings; this is where timesheet apps help you schedule the time slot for these virtual meetings. You also have to familiarize yourself with how the various virtual meeting apps work. Another thing, make sure you switch off your device camera once you are through with a virtual meeting to avoid a mockery.

7. Set boundaries 

For team members, managers, or freelancers who have people that live in their space, it is essential you set boundaries. Working from home can tend to appear frustrating, especially when everyone tries to check in your secluded area to see what you are doing or have a quick chat with you. Lay your rules down, tell your close ones you are working, and you don’t want any disruption.

No one should visit or even come for a quick chit chat. This enables you to carry out your tasks for each day optimally without any disturbance or distractions. You do not want to be in a virtual meeting where your roommate is blasting loud music.

8. Be vocal

This is important during virtual meetings. We can get easily carried away with continuous conversation and forget your input. So during sessions, always make sure you have scribbled your ideas down before and during virtual meetings. This way, you are vocal about your scribbled ideas.

9. Sharpen your skills 

The beauty of working from home is you have access to a vast resource of opportunities. You can use the opportunity to sharpen your work skills and gain more certification in other aspects.

10. Stay positive and do mental checks

Remote working and tasks can take a toll on your mental health, so you have to ensure to stay positive throughout your daily tasks and also do things that make your mental state in the right frame. Just because you are working remotely does not mean you should lose yourself. Take out time to exercise regularly and take some stretches in between work. Exercise helps to make the body feel active and alive, which is vital for work.

The important thing about all these tips is to consider what you can improve while working from home. Occasionally at different periods, you might require some form of heads up about things that can help.


In conclusion, working from home is a beautiful reality for a lot of people—no department autocracy, you can take an afternoon break for a yoga class, or even working on vacation. 

Also, remember that after working, always tidy up your workspace, arrange every paperwork back to its proper place, and use a sticky paper to write out tasks that were not completed as a reminder. Keeping your workspace clean makes you eager to look forward to working the next day.