Nimble Launches Gmail Templates, Tracking and Analytics

Nimble Launches Gmail Templates, Tracking and Analytics

Today, we are overwhelmed and distracted by the social notifications on our phones and computers and we’re missing signals from the important business emails we send that could drive our success. Learn about our new templates, tracking, notifications and analytics for Gmail.

Smarter Email Prospecting with Nimble Gmail Tracking

We’re excited to share that we’ve added Email Templates, Tracking, Notifications and Analytics right inside your Gmail inbox to help you track individual messages you send to stay informed on your key sales prospects.

Track Message Opens and Clicks: Know exactly when your contacts interact with your outreach. This makes it easier for you to know who your hottest prospects are.

Personalize your message with custom templates: Featuring fonts, formatting, and merge tags (First Name, Last Name, Company, Title).

Detailed analytics: View the number of times a contact has opened a message or clicked on a hyperlink know who is most engaged with your outreach.

Check out our video overview:

Our Nimble Community Loves Our New Gmail Tracking!

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How to Send Nimble Tracked Emails in Gmail
Enable individual message tracking for opens and clicks on messages you send to know the exact moment someone interacts with your message. This works for personal Gmail and Google Apps for Work accounts.

Set Tracking and Select Templates


Check the Nimble box when composing or replying to a message to enable Nimble tracking. Click on the pencil icon to apply a template to your new message. 

Desktop Notifications Alert you on Email Opens and Clicks

Nimble delivers desktop notification as someone opens or clicks on a link in your tracked emails so you know the moment your contacts engage or reengage with your emails. You need to enable desktop notifications in Nimble settings to see them.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 9.45.35 AM

See Detailed Open and Click Analytics inside messages in Gmail

Get all the details on how your contacts engage with your outreach by viewing the history of opens and clicks within our “Details” box.


Select “Details” to see the history of actions on your tracked message. 

How to Get Started

Add the Nimble Smart Contacts app to Google Chrome to add Gmail tracking, notifications, and templates to your workflow.

Get It Here

If you already have the Nimble Smart Contacts App added to Chrome, sign into Gmail to see the new tracking features in the “compose” window or in the reply window to an existing message.

To enable desktop notifications, go to Settings >> Notifications and make sure that desktop notifications are enabled.

If you don’t have it set up yet, learn more on our FAQ.




  1. Love Nimble and it would replace Yesware if it had built in Gmail reminders. Is that on the cards?

  2. Michaela Prouzova says:

    Hi Neil!

    Reminders are on our list of features we want to add.

    Thank you for your comment!

    ~ Michaela

  3. Wonderful addition.

    Can I ask, how do I know that Nimble is cooperating with other Gmail extensions?

    I am using MixMax to enable open/click tracking, sending GIFs, set appointment, better emoticon control, all things that enhance the personal touch to an email.

    I often use gmail rather than Nimbles’ compose to get to these features.

    Tracking and editing would be good enough using Nimble compose inside Gmail. But I’m stuck on the appointment setter.

    Is there any way to use both inside Gmail.

  4. Hey Warren! We received your email in our Care Channel, and we hope we were able to help out. :) Please feel free to reach out to us at if you have any additional questions.

  5. How about gmail email scheduling like HubSpot Sales does? Is this is pipeline too?

  6. There is no edit option for my previous message. The question was: Is this in the pipeline too?

  7. Wow, good to know. Thank you for an update.

  8. Nice function and very valuable. BUT Do I need to abandon my company email address and start using a gmail address to use this function????

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