The Case for Using Nimble: A Financial Services Professional Speaks Out

Nimble is my #1 CRM system for professional services

In making the claim that Nimble is the #1 CRM for professional services, let’s start with a bit of background – I have a 25-year career in financial services as either as a financial adviser or managing financial advisers (along with a stint in marketing). I have been running my own business for two years — one that helps financial services firms protect and build their value with strategic thinking and implementation.

For as long as I have been involved with driving sales and creating relationships, until I found Nimble I was not able to find a CRM system that is effective for both management and the front line staff — at least not at a price that would make it a worthwhile investment.

Why I Can’t Live Without Nimble

Now let’s look at some of the “magical things” that Nimble can do for $15.00 per month – or one cup of coffee per week.

  • Nimble quickly uploads your existing contacts from your email program.

  • You can also upload contacts from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

  • You can combine with “Rapportive” (Gmail only). I can now view existing contacts in Nimble without leaving Gmail and with one click, upload new contacts into Nimble.

  • I can automate just about everything. I can upload new contacts in Google to my contacts in Nimble. When you go searching the Nimble Apps Marketplace at Nimble, you’ll find there are so many different things you can do — it’s efficiency on steroids!

  • When I view a prospect or client in Nimble, this is what I see:

    • Every communication that we have ever had, whether it be via email, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

    • I can respond to my contacts via any of those platforms, straight from Nimble.

    • I can view conversations that they are having across their social media platforms without searching for them. One click and there they all are.

    • I can see how deals with each contact are going.

What Else Does Nimble Do For Me?

Every day I get an email with all my latest activity – This includes a list of new Twitter followers who mentioned and retweeted my tweets. I can see activity on my LinkedIn profile. I can see tasks and calendar events for the day. It is simply a dashboard of activity and with one click I get to the full dashboard on the web and get more information – Just amazing.

Let’s roll back a bit – I made a big claim that this is the #1 CRM system. I believe most CRM systems were/have been designed for upper management, not for the front line sales people who need it most. Nimble works effectively to build my business.

There is one big factor that gives Nimble a significant advantage – it works well in the digital age. It combines smoothly with so many other applications, whether it is your email system, your social media platforms or one of 200+ platforms that help you to be more efficient. You just have to have that level of integration or otherwise you are wasting time.

A Team That Gets It

The good news doesn’t stop here. The team at Nimble never seems to sleep. They are constantly updating the system with new features including a beta mobile app that is great for your contacts. I get the feeling that the management team have worked out that building systems in the digital world is not about designing a one-size fits all package. It must be flexible, adaptable, and willing to work with other systems.

So, for $15.00 per month you get all of this and a lot more. Makes that weekly cup of coffee sound expensive! It would be great to hear from other Nimble users as to how they use it in their business.

Colin T. Williams is a long-time wealth management advisor who also writes on financial planning. He works with financial services firms to show them how to use social media and marketing to increase brand value. Colin is the principal at Humble Financial Services. The business also operates Humble Investors — a resource for Australian investors and financial advisers. You can email him any time.