New Nimble Change Log Tracks Contact Record Changes to Support Data Integrity

Data integrity is key to CRM success. When records are changed inexplicably, there needs to be the ability to determine the cause. Sometimes the cause is human, sometimes its third-party APIs. Regardless of the reason, being able to track the changes will allow you to protect your data more effectively. 

That’s why we’ve optimized the way business teams track changes to their company and contact data with our Nimble Change log. This change includes the ability to see if a contact was merged with another one, if any team members made any incorrect data entries (by mistake or on purpose), what changes were made by any external APIs or integrations, and more.

This update was released on February 21st, 2020. You will be able to see all changes made to a contact record from that day forward. 

What is the Change Log? 

The Nimble Change log is a special record that captures all of the changes that are made to a contact from its creation until it’s deleted from the system permanently.

nimble change log

What are the benefits?

This feature is able to capture the following: 

  • Contact creation and modification date and time 
  • Who created and modified the contact
  • Fields that have changed along with old and new value for fields
  • Lifecycle changes (creation, merge, deletion, and others)

nimble change log

How to Use the Nimble Change Log 

There are many ways the Change log is beneficial to business teams. 

Here are some common use cases: 

  • Pinpoint inaccurate company and contact data 
  • Identify potential internal security breaches before they happen (i.e. stolen contacts, deleted data)
  • Restore a contact record to a previous state if unwanted changes were made 
  • Analyze a history of data updates to see how your relationship with a contact has grown over time (ie month over month spend)

The Nimble Change log is one of the many features of Nimble that helps teams see complete communication histories with their customers and leads. 

Track merged or deleted contacts

Nimble enables you to merge contacts when there are duplicates detected. To ensure no useful data is lost during the merging process, Nimble will take some steps to retain the information.

After a merge takes place, Nimble will note the change within the “Change Log” with the date and time of the merge as well as who performed this action.

nimble change log

The merge-removed contact will go to the trash bin where it can be deleted permanently. 

nimble change log

When a contact is deleted, a “deleted” type record is created in the Change log. The log is displayed in the trash bin as well. When you visit the deleted contact record from the trash bin, the ability to see the “Change Log” will appear.

Once the contact is deleted permanently, this information will no longer display.

How to Get Started

This update was released on February 21st, 2020. You will be able to see all changes made to a contact record from that day forward. Learn more about the Contact log in our FAQ article. This feature is available for the Nimble Business plan. If you do not have a Nimble account yet, we invite you to try it for free for 14 days.

Stay tuned for more product announcements as we evolve Nimble into the best CRM for Office 365 and G Suite teams.