Why Your Business Needs a Mobile CRM Strategy

The migration of internet users from desktop to mobile devices suggests that people now expect real-time information accessible from anywhere.

Global internet traffic coming from mobile devices increased by 52.99% in 2017, and it continues to grow. This traffic also includes employees, sales team members, and field agents who are always on the go and need access to business data 24/7. 

An effective CRM should match this growth. This is where mobile CRM steps in!

Mobile CRM software allows users to access important business data and sales teams to manage customer relationships from anywhere in the world. 

What is a Mobile CRM?

The rise in the number of mobile phone users has gone through the roof. There are currently 5.11 billion mobile phone users in the world. With this increasing number of mobile users and businesses requiring constant attention, the need for a mobile and portable CRM is inevitable.

A mobile CRM system delivers a full CRM system on portable devices like a Smartphone or a tablet. Real-time management of critical information becomes easier for marketing, sales, and customer service teams, no matter where they are. 

The accessibility of mobile CRM anytime and anywhere results in enhanced customer relationships and more significant business opportunities. 

According to statistics, companies using mobile CRM met 65% of their sales targets, whereas non-mobile CRM using companies met only 22% of their goals at the same time.

How Mobile CRM Helps to Modernize Businesses

Today, when employees are working from all kinds of non-traditional places like the coffee shop, in a flight, from home, etc. mobile CRM acts as a connection between them, the business and its customers. 

The best CRM software has added speed and convenience to the whole marketing and sales picture. Customer grievances and issues can be solved in real-time with the help of mobile CRM. Thus, eliminating an artificial and time-consuming effort.

Benefits of Mobile CRM for Customers

By now, we have understood how a mobile CRM system acts as a significant boost for business. As it is with any company, for the growth and ascension of itself, it has to cater to the needs of the customer first.

A mobile CRM application can ensure that your customer’s needs are being catered to at all times. Real-time solutions to their problems and conversations from the business’ end creates a more real and personal touch.

Statistically, customers tend to do business with those business houses more that are available immediately and on short notice to resolve their issues, as opposed to those that are not.

The functions that a mobile CRM performs create a sense of trust and reliability among customers towards the businesses that they are dealing with.

Benefits of Mobile CRM for Businesses

Good mobile CRM software can drastically improve your organization’s relations with your customers, which in turn directly impact your sales volumes. According to recent reports, a return on investment of $8.71 can be expected on an investment of $1 on a mobile CRM tool.

The best CRM software for a business is easily manageable, and the input of effort for its functioning is considerably less as compared to other traditional methods. Here are a few reasons why the mobile CRM system is the way to go:

Increase in productivity

The mobile CRM system comes along with many cost-effecting and time-saving functions. A mobile CRM software has been noted to increase employee productivity by about 15%. 

The benefits of Gantt charts are huge in organizing and keeping track of tasks fulfilled in their designated time. A Gantt chart and CRM software go hand in hand in ensuring that maximum productivity is achieved. 

Some of the functions that make this tool unique to others are:

  • Easy organization of tasks according to priority.
  • Addition or deletion of tasks with ease.
  • Notification of jobs on the to-do list, and 
  • The option to complete these tasks while they are not at their work-stations.

mobile crm strategy

Increased sales

With all the information they need at their fingertips, it becomes much convenient and easier for the sales team to spend more time doing what they do best, rather than searching through information and possibly losing a potential opportunity.

With the help of mobile CRM software, your sales team can spend more time interacting with customers and building relations and less time searching for information they need.

Improvement in data quality

When a representative of a business organization is using traditional methods of CRM, they have to wait until they get up to their computer, work-station or office to update the new information they collected while on the field or from a prospect. 

This leaves a high probability of data being forgotten or even possibly not be entered into the systems to be updated. 

A mobile CRM system allows us to store and update the information or data in real-time. The customer could even review and help correct if the data entered is not accurate.

Better conversion rate

We have already discussed how a company using a mobile CRM has a higher conversion rate as opposed to those that use traditional methods. The main reason for this is that teams that are equipped with mobile CRM systems have access to customer information on the go.

Making notes in real-time, scheduling appointments faster, adding details of customer interaction without being present in an office, etc. sums up to reps responding to customer requirements more quickly, thus increasing the conversion rate for sales.

Time management

A mobile CRM system keeps track of all the data entered and visits have taken in a day by a sales representative. This also enables the company to review the performances of employees with the help of performance review templates.

Keeping track of all the actions taken and records updated becomes a much easier job and saves a lot of time for other prioritized actions.

Nimble Mobile CRM for Outlook

Nimble will deliver enriched contact profiles with details about who they are, where they work, where they’re from, their interests, and their complete social profiles — delivering a full 360 view of the contact you are communicating with on both a business and personal level. You can then add this person to your Nimble database, along with the information that has been automatically gathered.

The Nimble add-in for Outlook mobile will also deliver insights on the related company – providing you full company details such as the industry, employee count, the year they were founded, matching keywords, CEO, company type, revenue, location, phone numbers and much more. Social profiles for the companies are also provided to give you a better idea of the companies social presence, who they follow, and who’s following them.

  • People insights include name, company name, title, biography, location, work experience, areas of influence, education, and social identities.
  • Company insights include biography, industry, number of employees, year founded, keywords, company type, revenue, ticker, CEO name, address, and phone number
  • Up-to-date company and contact details and engagement history with your team members.

Social insights are freely available for all Microsoft Office 365 Outlook email accounts. Upgrade to a paid account to access team contacts, schedule follow-up tasks, and full contact engagement histories.


With the help of a mobile CRM system, businesses are being able to create deeper, better, and more positive relationships with its customers. 

Real-time interaction and responses have been made easier with the mobile CRM system.

 More and more companies are embracing the mobile CRM software, and we recommend you to join the bandwagon if your company has not done yet already.