Improve Your Productivity, and Land That Office Promotion!

Do you find yourself distracted at work? Is it difficult to focus? Has your job become hum-drum? There are proven ways to improve job performance and make you a stand-out employee. Read on for creative strategies on how to increase productivity. They may even help you land a promotion!


Following are three natural elements that will bring out the best in you:

•  color

•  contact with nature

•  fragrance



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According to, the following colors promote top job performance:

•  blue – soothes and stimulates the mind

•  yellow – sparks enthusiasm and creativity

•  green – relaxes

•  purple – aids problem-solving

•  red – commands attention

In addition to color type, think about intensity. Bright shades spur action, while muted tones tranquilize.

To put color to work for you, you might try the following:

•  colored file folders

•  blue clock

•  yellow pens

•  green blotter

•  red stapler

•  fresh flowers

Contact With Nature

Medical Daily reports that having a plant in your workspace can lead to a promotion. Studies prove that proximity to plants boosts productivity by 50 percent! A study conducted at Texas A&M University showed that the presence of plants increases creative performance, innovative thinking, and problem-solving. Easy-care plants are the Peace Lily, Dracaenas, and Golden Pathos. For further guidance in choosing a companion to suit your office conditions, ask the advice of staff at a local garden center.

Here are additional ways to touch base with nature:

•  table fountain

•  screensaver scenes

•  desktop wallpaper

•  wall artwork


In Japan, companies often use scents to revive or relax employees, depending on time of day. A recent study by the Japanese fragrance company Takasago showed that typos were reduced by over 50 percent after a lemon scent was diffused into the air. Here’s a bouquet of aromas to maximize your efficiency:

•  refreshing – orange, rosemary, lemon

•  calming – jasmine, lavender, sandalwood

•  invigorating – mint, basil, bergamot

•  focusing – pine, cinnamon

You can receive the benefits of fragrance with the use of:

•  teas

•  fruit

•  essential oils

•  perfume

•  disinfecting wipes

You can also use scented office supplies, such as:

•  dry erase markers

•  gel pens

•  erasers

•  sketch markers

•  hi-liters



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Design elements of office fitouts that increase productivity are:

•  lighting

•  ergonomics


Bright lighting improves focus and creativity. Dim spaces can cause eyestrain and headaches. They can also make you feel irritable, fatigued, and depressed. You can light up your personal space with the following:

•  Window Access – If you’re fortunate to work in proximity to a window, take advantage of its benefits. Natural light increases alertness and attention span. Omit window treatments in favor of clear access. If you’re surrounded by walls, take window breaks. Even a momentary peek through a window can perk up your productivity.

•  Full Spectrum Light – The Lighting Research Center reports that full spectrum lighting improves color perception, visual clarity, mood, and alertness (read more here). For guidance in choosing a full spectrum office lamp, you can refer to the “Top Desk Lamps” report by The list of quality lamps has been updated as of June 2015.


The term “ergonomics” refers to the ideal workspace layout that fosters good posture and comfort. If you work at a computer, try to design your space using the Total Fitout Solutions suggestions below. Being comfortable physically will enhance your productivity.

•  Computer Monitor – Position your monitor at about arm’s length and directly in front of you. The top of the screen should be slightly below eye level.

•  Chair – Ensure that your knees are at hip level. If your chair doesn’t have lumbar support, place a cushion between the arch of your lower back and the chair back.

•  Key Objects – Place frequently used objects within easy reach. If you can’t comfortably reach an object, stand up, to avoid muscle strain.

•  Document Stand – Position this next to your monitor at eye level, to prevent eye strain and neck aches.

•  Wrist Rest – This can protect you from carpal tunnel syndrome, caused by nerve impingement at the underside of the wrist. When typing, hold your wrists above the support cushion. During breaks, rest the palms of your hands on the support. Avoid resting your wrists directly on the cushion as this will compress the nerves.

•  Headset – If you frequently speak on the phone while writing or typing, use a headset. Cradling the phone between your head and neck can cause muscle strain.

•  Footrest – If your chair is too high to keep your feet flat on the floor, use a footrest. It will protect you from back strain and improve circulation to your legs and feet.

•  Posture – Center your body in front of your computer. Hold your forearms level or tilted slightly upward.


The following office tools promote all-star performance:

•  Accordion File – Also called a “tickler file,” this expandable filing system can keep you on track. The box-type standing file has numbered compartments for each day of the month. File your documents by action date. On a given day, go to the corresponding number, and all your necessary documents will be organized in one place. Accordion files are available in various colors. Choose one in blue to help you stay focused.

•  Dry Erase Board – This is a smaller cousin of the classroom blackboard. It’s a framed board with a glossy surface for non-permanent writing. Jot down genius ideas as they occur to you. Getting them in writing will free your mind to return to a given task. Dry erase boards are available with colored surfaces. Buy one in blue, green, or purple to keep you on top of your game.


Now you have a cache of productivity improvement ideas. Cash in on them, and land that well-deserved promotion!