With 330K fitness gurus employed in the industry in the US alone by 2026 with median salary averaging $58K, the demand for CRM for personal trainers grows by the year. Being fit is a trend that is not going anywhere, so the early adopters of technology are going to gain the momentum to take their business way ahead.
Nimble can be a great choice as a CRM system for personal trainers. But first, let's see what technology is used in the fitness industry and why.

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Best Personal Trainer CRM Software

What technological advancements and apps are used by modern coaches?

  • workout builder software for personal trainers
  • the training notebook
  • nutrition software for personal trainers
  • personal trainer booking app
Those are the main features that are required for a personal coach to successfully perform their duties and provide results clients are looking to get. On top of fitness-specific solutions, tens of thousands of fitness advocates turn to universal CRM solutions, like Nimble. In a paragraph, we will tell you why.

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Why Personal Trainers Need CRM?

Most of the personal coaches are paid on a per-session basis and will need to find their clients on their own. 10% of personal trainers in the USA can expect to make over $80K per year, a whopping 38% up on the median salary.
What does it take to be in the top 10%? Persistence, great communication skills, patience, multiple certifications, experience, and technology.

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What major functions does CRM for a fitness coach have?

These would usually have modules:

  • Fitness assessment
  • Exercise library
  • Nutrition program
  • Fitness plan
  • Attendance tracking
Now let’s see why thousands of fitness coaches choose Nimble CRM to grow their business.

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Nimble CRM Features Review
Create 1-To-1 Client Relationships

Most of the apps for personal trainers keep to the technical side of things, concentrating on providing tools that come with certification anyway, like exercise libraries.
Nimble CRM is a social networking-based CRM. Users get access to the persona of a client, as the info is being sourced from public profiles of a client on Twitter and Linked in. So, if on your desktop or on the go in a gym – you can see in one screen what your client is up to and which topics may resonate as an icebreaker.
The success of a personal coach significantly depends on interpersonal relations; this is where Nimble is unbeatable – helping users to nurture meaningful connections day in day out.

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Track Client Progress

Customizable fields of Nimble ensure users can create data points out of any piece of information and turn them into trackable data that can be translated into comprehensive reporting.

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Manage schedule

Scheduling is a breeze with Nimble. Make sure you – or your client - never miss another training session. Integrated with Calendar, so that bookings flow seamlessly. Notify your clients when plans change from within CRM.

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Send, Receive And Track Emails

Keeping in touch, education, communication with your clients is one of the major focuses of this CRM. Group email to a custom-made segment. Track open rate, so you can use a call as follow up timely if the email box is unattended.

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Start With Nimble CRM

Nimble is one of the best CRM for personal trainers for one simple reason – it helps nurture long-term relations with clients easily and on-the-go. Just type in your email address to try this 3rd best CRM solution as per Capterra. No credit card required. Start growing your business now.

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