How To Find Your Focus For Prospecting In Social Selling – A Video Interview

In part one of this interview Viveka Von Rosen and I discussed how to put a stop to social selling overload and take control of your time. Once you have things under control, then what? In this second part Viveka is shares what you do AFTER you get a handle on your time by directing your focus.


Have you ever had a conversation with someone that answered the question “Who are your ideal clients?” with “Well… anybody really…” “ANYBODY” is not a helpful description and a very poor response to that question. You need to create a better answer for that question for yourself before you share it with anybody else.

A poor answer to that question leads to poor focus which creates poor results. It’s a chain reaction.

First, decide who you LOVE to work with. Do this by clearly defining: WHAT you do, WHO you serve and how you can BEST serve those people using your unique talent. That’s your ideal client and THAT’S who you need to look for – NOT “anybody”.


Here’s the three-step process Viveka shared that she uses for herself and her clients to create consistent prospecting results. These steps will help save your time, keep your focus and make your outreach more profitable so you can grow your business faster. Using that definition of your ideal client:

  1. Start with the people that know, like and trust you! Go into your EXISTING connections on LinkedIn and find potential ideal clients and the people that can refer you to them. Tag them using a software like Nimble, LinkedIn Sales Navigator or even a spreadsheet.
  2. Find NEW people to connect with! Instead of wanting to connect with EVERYBODY on LinkedIn, find those people that you would love to work with and get referrals to them or reach out and have conversations with them through liking and commenting on their updates. Tag and classify them also.
  3. MANAGE those connections! Now that you’ve invested time in classifying your contacts your outreach time will be dramatically shortened. You can choose WHO you need to reach during the week with your lists and focus on them instead of spinning your wheels with random conversations.


Quality wins over Quantity. Make every connection count by doing some research ahead of time. By having some background information on those high-quality individuals, you will be able to reach out to them and have meaningful conversations. Those are the conversations that can lead to opportunities for collaboration and business growth.


  • Viveka loves sharing her experiences through interviews; if an interview like this one would be helpful for your audience let her know!
  • If you know anyone that wants to create a better LinkedIn presence please let them know about her book LinkedIn: 101 Ways To Rock Your Personal Brand
  • Currently she’s focusing speaking and consulting about third party tools like Nimble that can help you FIND, CONNECT and ENGAGE with people and convert your connections into clients. If you need help with that reach out.

Her phone number and email are on her LinkedIn profile. Be sure to send a personal message and mention that you read this interview!