How to Cultivate Brand Loyalty by Personalizing the Customer Journey

Today, smart organizations are taking advantage of social CRM technologies to quickly identify and qualify prospects to move them into sophisticated nurture and marketing campaigns.

CRM is no longer an expensive and complicated solution for the big guys. Industry leaders like Nimble are leading the pack for the small agile businesses looking to leverage CRM. Nimble is disrupting the way sales teams sell with lightweight browser intelligence services with integration to social media sites and email addresses to develop detailed dossiers of lead profiles and personas.

Nimble also has a powerful lead-generating tool called Prospector that allows you to simply highlight a lead’s name and let Nimble create and populate a record in seconds. Nimble Prospector automatically fills the record with any and all information it can find in its records. Update old profiles or discover a new lead’s email instantly. No more switching between tabs, copy-pasting information into blanks, entering in info from a business card, or (even worse) endlessly searching the web for an email that actually works.

But what’s a good CRM without a strong integration to a marketing automation suite? Enter 366 Degrees. 366 Degrees is a relationship marketing and sales outreach platform specifically designed to help emerging enterprises market and sell across digital channels. Primary channels include email, landing pages, social and video. Secondary channels include personalized direct mail and utilization of personal gifts in the sales and customer lifecycle.

Build engaging responsive email templates with templates or drag-and-drop design features. Use merge fields to personalize content based on Nimble profiles. Connect your social accounts to 366 Degrees and schedule posts to amplify your content in single campaigns or automated journeys.

366 Degrees, through its robust application interface (API), built a standard integration for Nimble via its own marketplace to allow Nimble and Nimble CRM customers to seamlessly connect Nimble CRM to 366 Degrees. The service makes all Nimble contact and lead data available for segmentation and targeting at the time of campaign execution. 366 pulls standard tagging, saved searches and other Nimble information available to target and automate partner communications.

Create predefined workflow cadences with emails to automatically nurture leads. Your recipient’s interaction behaviorally cues the followup emails they receive. Take the guesswork out of onboarding, sales cycles, and lead generation. Once your campaign is created, all you have to do is ad-hoc add leads to campaigns without ever leaving the lead’s record.

366 Degrees allows Nimble content and brand managers to easily create email templates, social posts, landing pages, and video messages. Assets are then made available for one-off campaigns or drip cadences to be used by partners and sales teams via Nimble direct.

Nimble is simple to learn, but rich in ability. Signing up for a trial takes just seconds. Pair it with 366 Degrees to fully leverage the power of CRM with personalized communications. Time is money, but especially when it’s actually spent selling. Small businesses are “nimble” for a reason, no time for complex integrations.

Quit wasting time prospecting, and reach your customers with the right content at the right time with 366 Degrees for Nimble CRM!