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How Oliva Advisory Streamlines it’s Recruitment Process

About Oliva Advisory

Oliva Advisory is a recruiting agency that focuses on data analytics and business intelligence to match employers to the perfect candidate. Highlighted in this case study, co-founder, Timur Mukhamedzhanov is an impact-oriented enthusiast keen on entrepreneurship with 6+ years of hands-on experience in business development & project management. At Oliva Advisory he nurtures a value chain and processes,  that currently focus on operations as well as on Talent Acquisition for clients and teams. He has a passion for discovering, interacting, and co-developing with talented people drives me forward in daily endeavors.

 Name: Oliva Advisory, Timur Mukhamedzhanov

Industry: Recruiting

Use Case: Workflows, Data Fields, Contact Management, 

Title: Co-Founder

Website: https://www.oliva-advisory.com

The Challenge: Finding Efficiency in Contact Management

The biggest challenge for Oliva Advisory before implementing Nimble as their CRM was the efficiency of contact management. Timur noted that keeping track of contact communication and engagement was crucial to Oliva Advisory’s processes, making efficiency key. 

Another challenge that Oliva Advisory noticed was internal communication, a challenge that the team faced was deciphering the last engagement of a contact between team members. Managing multiple communication streams among multiple team members is a key role for Oliva Advisory. Timur and the team at Oliva Advisory needed a tool that tracked multiple communication streams and centralized contact information. 

“Our number one challenge was keeping track of current communication status and engagement status of multiple people.”

Oliva Advisory also noted that they needed to keep track of the many contacts in one place so it’s easier to analyze the number of contacts per team member and the communication history with each of those contacts.

“When we had more than a certain amount of contacts it was easy to lose track with the management scope.”

Nimble CRM Contact Management
This gif shows a contact card view on a workflow.


The Solution: Workflows and Data Fields

The main goal for Oliva Advisory was to have a system that could guide them through multiple engagements and manage interactions across various team members. They aimed to create a traceable and centralized hub where they could easily access contact information and communication history. To achieve this, they wanted to improve efficiency, reduce efforts, and drive better business results.

In order for Timur and his team to stay efficient, setting up Workflows with custom fields and taking note of interaction histories was key. Taking note of how many contacts are in a workflow and assigning owners was essential for both internal and external goal tracking. This enabled any team member at Oliva Advisory to keep track of how many contacts they were responsible for, and what the last interaction was across the team. 

“We wanted to have a system that guides upon multiple engagements and multiple people in a manner which is traceable and can always come back to the place where you left without hassling around for multiple sources of information.”

Timur and his team typically use workflows as the centralized place of contact tracking. The top features they use when using a workflow are assigning owners, creating custom fields, and checking interaction histories. Timur noted assigning owners to each contact is a top priority so that they can effectively take ownership of each relationship and track each team member’s progress with each contact. Using custom fields is also crucial to recruiters like Oliva Advisory, as they have set data fields to fill out to accurately attach data to the contact card to have at hand.  

“We like to use dropdown menus, check boxes, and numerical values which help a lot when you’re conducting a live call with a contact or a lead and you want to document that information immediately in the profile.”

Nimble CRM Recruiting
This image shows workflow contact fields in a contact record.

Lastly, interaction histories on the contact card are vital for Oliva Advisory. They rely on these interaction histories to review past conversations and track the progress of their engagements. Having a record of previous interactions allows them to maintain continuity and provide personalized service to their clients.

Timur emphasized the importance of being able to easily access the communication history within the centralized hub. This feature enables any team member to quickly catch up on previous conversations, understand the context of a relationship, and pick up where someone else left off seamlessly. It eliminates the need for searching through multiple sources of information and ensures that important details are not missed.

By utilizing the interaction history feature, Oliva Advisory can deliver a consistent and exceptional experience to its clients. Whether it’s a phone call, email, or any other form of communication, having a record of every interaction empowers the team to build stronger relationships and provide tailored solutions based on the client’s needs and preferences.

Nimble CRM Outbound Prospecting
This image show a create call tab on a workflow card.


Why Nimble is the CRM of Choice for Recruiters

Nimble has revolutionized recruitment efforts for agencies like Oliva Advisory. The CRM’s centralized hub and robust features tackle the challenges of contact management, internal communication, and workflow efficiency. With customized workflows, custom fields, and interaction histories, Oliva Advisory streamlines its processes, assigns ownership to contacts, and tracks progress seamlessly. Nimble empowers recruiters to build strong relationships, deliver personalized service, and drive better business results, making it the top choice CRM for the industry.


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