GoDaddy Uses Nimble + Office 365 to Scale Influencer Marketing

GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain registrar dedicated to small, independent ventures. With over 17 million customers worldwide and 73 million domain names under management, GoDaddy employs more than 6,000 employees in 14 facilities worldwide.

The Challenge

While GoDaddy helps small businesses build and grow their ventures, they felt they could do more to position their Advocacy and Evangelism team to scale effectively for growth so they could assist more customers to achieve their goals. To do this, GoDaddy purchased a subscription to Nimble and began using the system to support their strategies and processes.

When Heather Dopson, GoDaddy Community Builder, and experienced Nimble user came on board, she explored opportunities for her small but mighty team to be more efficient in building their influencer program.

In order to meet the company’s new objectives and build a pipeline of influencers both internal and external, she developed a plan to leverage more of Nimble’s functionality, automate their processes, and define new user protocols to enable GoDaddy to collaborate and share information across the team in terms of conversations, social insights and contact records, with the objective of making it easier to identify and work with key influencers, manage relationships and measure interaction.

Heather Dopson, Go Daddy

The Solution

With Heather’s assessment of the company’s current requirements, she optimized their Nimble configuration to better support GoDaddy’s current processes and business strategies. To ensure behavior change, Heather established the business case for how and why the team should be using Nimble within Microsoft Office 365, eliminating the need to switch between their Outlook email account, address book, and calendars and to sync information automatically.  She also trained everyone on the team to adhere to standardized processes for research, data capture, and influencer interaction.  

“We have a focus and commitment to being the best at what we are here to do, which is building our influencer program, and Nimble is 100 percent a part of that,” Heather explains.

Now GoDaddy uses Nimble to profile key influencers, track the contact information and history of interactions, and walk in their social footprints to get to know them, simplifying the research and management of influencers.

GoDaddy also integrates Nimble with Sprinklr for social listening, posting and reporting, rounding out their social media capabilities.

The Nimble Experience & GoDaddy Office 365

Nimble has helped GoDaddy build a process around their influencer program and centralize the information to make it more accessible. The company now has employee and external influencers, along with their Klout Score, in Nimble. Because Klout Score is a key metric in identifying industry influencers, GoDaddy uses Nimble to easily search and sort on Klout score to obtain information such as the top 10 external or employee influencers to present to the executive team.

GoDaddy also created an influencer index scorecard that contains profile information and influencer criteria on each contact such as the number of followers, level of engagement, authorship and speaking experience. Based on a calculation they developed, each contact is assigned an influencer index score.

As a result, GoDaddy has the ability to easily access a contact record in Nimble and see the influencer criteria all in a central location. By identifying geographic location, local employees can reach out to influencers in their area or at events, they are attending, improving their relationship building efforts.

“Having the influencer information organized and in one place where we can pull it from has been very helpful. Nimble has allowed us to scale the amount of work we’ve been able to manage. We’ve become more efficient and productive as a result, without adding resources,” Heather notes.  

The GoDaddy team agrees Nimble is the right tool to support the company’s influencer program and continued quest to leverage the power of social media to build meaningful relationships.

Future Plans

GoDaddy has identified future phase requirements focused on influencer marketing, online marketing and measurement of employee engagement with external influencers. Identifying more opportunities to automate the company’s processes and centralize information are also on the horizon.

“We have evolved from using Nimble as a database to taking advantage of it as a way to measure engagement and interaction, as well as a way to move people through a pipeline. I’m very excited to see the influencer program continue to progress in Nimble so that it’s easy and efficient for us to achieve our goals,” Heather added.