Google App Shoppers Are Getting Nimble

google apps marketplaceOUR STORY We have some exciting news! Nimble is now available in the Google Apps Marketplace, and has been selected as a “Featured” and “Notable” Google App! Now it’s even easier to find and benefit from the only Google App designed to help small companies turn business leads and social connections into sales opportunities.

Visit the Google App Marketplace to access Nimble and click on “Add It Now” in the upper right corner of the screen.

Nimble and Google Apps – Two Peas in a Pod

Over the past few years, Google has proven its ability to build awareness for businesses and generate leads with AdWords, SEM/SEO and apps such as Blogger. Nimble helps businesses capture those leads with a website contact form, organize them with an advanced contact manager, engage them with social media and drip marketing campaigns, and manage the sales opportunities that percolate to the top by tracking the deal amounts and probabilities. The two solutions couldn’t be more suited for one another.

Just as importantly, the partnership with Google marks a milestone in achieving our vision of bringing social back into business. Nimble’s entrance into the Google Apps Marketplace is an exciting venture and presents a BIG opportunity for the company. Millions of businesses are using Google Apps’ impressive database of applications. Many of these businesses are smaller, customer-driven companies, which is exactly who we’re trying to reach with Nimble. Now, by being selected as a “Featured” and “Notable” Google App, even more companies can find Nimble, access it, and incorporate it into their company infrastructure.

So Thank You!

We wouldn’t be here without you. Which is why everyone here at Nimble would like to extend a great big THANK YOU to all of you for your loyal support, your insightful feedback, and your faith in our ability to deliver a product worth waiting for. You are truly the BEST!

We’re excited to continue to refine and develop Nimble to meet the future needs of you, our customers. We invite you to visit our website to read about our latest news and watch our new screencasts for Nimble!