Enjoy the Summer From Your Office

We haven’t been in school for awhile, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t susceptible to the lure of summertime chill. It’s not just the Nimble team that wants to be outside every minute, but it seems like every working adult in Santa Monica is out and about trying to enjoy the clear skies and warm vibes of July. In fact, our neighbors across the street are starting up a BBQ as I type.

Unfortunately, the world doesn’t stop for summer and our workload doesn’t get any lighter during this time of the year. Even though the business world has to keep hustling year round, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the season here and there. Here are some ideas from our office to keep cool while remaining productive.

Enjoy the Summer From Your Office

-Let your workspace reflect your seasonal environment. If the heat isn’t too unbearable, open all doors and windows. Maximize the amount of light you have in your office and add fresh plants to really feel like you’re outdoors. When you can feel a slight breeze and see life growing around you, it’s a lot easier to forget that you’re indoors.

-Don’t forget the little things. Keep yourself caffeinated with homemade cold brew coffee instead of drip. Frozen treats in the office fridge are nostalgic and an awesome treat for your co-workers on extra toasty days. It can never hurt to stream jams that the whole office can enjoy. Find some upbeat music that still allows for concentration and you’ll feel more energized no matter how hot it is. Use a music-streaming platform like Spotify to find your next favorite artist.

-Take a walk around your neighborhood. If you’re a little stressed, a walk can do wonders to clear your mind and get some fresh air. We frequently take brisk walks around Santa Monica past the succulent gardens or to our favorite coffee shop, and it always help us return with a refreshed mindset.

-Summer is a social time of the year. People are traveling more, festivals and concerts are appearing out of nowhere, the beaches and campsites are full and friends are visiting. The days are long and full of opportunities for fun. Make the office a social place, too. Eat lunch outside with your co workers, reveal your hilarious weekend stories in a group thread on Slack or Google Chat, plan an afternoon potluck or spend an hour at the end of the day winding down with a drink on an outdoor patio. You’ll be surprised how much more stimulating your work environment becomes when you’re sharing the fun with the people you see most each day.

-Stay Nimble wherever you may go. Whether you’re laying poolside or taking a dip in the ocean, stay connected with your prospects and leads using our mobile app for Android and iPhone. Just make sure your device is in a waterproof container (as we learned the hard way all too recently). You can also save valuable tanning time by using the Smart Contacts App on any web page or app you’re using to gather rich insights on the fly and keep your database updated as you work. You’ll be out that office door in no time.